7 Pros of One Night Stands ...

By Jelena

We all eventually find true love and somebody to grow old with… But that doesn’t mean do can enjoy the benefits of the single status in the meanwhile! After all, which Sex and The City gal had the best-looking guys? Well, Samantha, off course! Casual dating and one-night stands do have their benefits even outside the movie screen… Interested to know more about them? Then keep reading.

1 You Get to Go to a Lot of Dinners and See a Lot of Movies

You Get to Go to a Lot of Dinners and See a Lot of MoviesPhoto Credit: Tojosan

Friday: A date with Adam. You are dying to see that new movie with Vin Diesel in the lead role and afterwards you can probably go check out that new Italian place. Sunday: John, the cute bartender you’ve met on Saturday, suggested to go see a movie together. Why not? The Italian restaurant was bad so you will definitely try a different place although, something tells you that you won’t be so hungry… Well… maybe just breakfast… in bed?

2 You Can Make Your Own Plans

A fun evening with your friends just got even better and you don’t feel like going home. So don’t! You don’t have to phone to anybody and explain your reasons for coming home late. You are your own boss sweetie and you can do whatever you want, when you want it.

3 You Are Available if Somebody Better Comes along

The better man wins, that’s the old rule and I think it’s a pretty fair one. And there are two things you can choose to do while waiting for the prince charming: celibacy or dating and having fun. Celibacy is probably what fairytale princess would do, but then, she didn’t mind waking up from a 100 year-long sleep only to realize it’s time to put away the toys and go shopping for a wedding dress. So, would you really prefer that?

4 You Can Allow Yourself to Be Superficial

You Can Allow Yourself to Be SuperficialPhoto Credit: Horia Varlan

Ok, I know this sounds bad but just think about how many times you ended up being disappointed because that gorgeous stud turned out to be a complete idiot! Now, that’s the best thing about casual dating – as long as he is a straight A in the visual department, his long-term goals and ambitions or lack of them, to be precise, are not your concern. After all, if he turns out to be a decent guy, you can always decide to see him again.

5 You Always Have an Interesting Story to Tell

Guys are the most popular topic of our girl-talks and dating many guys means you will always have more than just a few interesting things to share. Even bad dates you had to cut short could turn into a funny and interesting conversation and don’t even get me started on those gorgeous hunks you actually had a great time with. Do share, sister! Do share!

6 You Get to Practice Your Lovemaking Skills

You Get to Practice Your Lovemaking SkillsPhoto Credit: Tetsumo

Meaningful or not, sex is fun. It’s a great way to burn some calories, raise your adrenaline and endorphin levels and even learn new tricks. You can engage in some role-play, pick up a hot stranger (be careful with that thought), and make your fantasies come true.

7 It’s Always New and Interesting

It’s Always New and InterestingPhoto Credit: James Khoo

Having a friend with benefits is a relatively commitment- free method too but, since you are seeing just one person, it starts looking like a relationship sooner or later. One night stand presumes that you won’t see the same person more than once or twice so every time you meet somebody you have to flirt, “walk the walk” and ”talk the talk”. And that’s the best and the most challenging part of every dating game!

What is your opinion on one-night stands? Do you approve those kind of things or you think that the only fair way to “get some” would be to have a monogamous relationship? I absolutely love discussing about the “edgy” and “provocative” things so feel free to express your opinion.

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