Top 8 Romantic Comedies of 2010 ...

By Lyndsie

I'm a closet rom-com freak. I mean, I will get up in the middle of the night and sneak-watch a romantic comedy, just so nobody knows about it. This is silly, since the Better Half is always trying to get me to watch them, but you know, I've got my street cred to think about. I'm coming out, though, to share with you my list of the top 8 romantic comedies of 2010. Not all of them grossed well, not all of them are even particularly good movies, but I liked them so let's see if y'all did too!

1 Youth in Revolt

Youth in RevoltPrice: $19.49 at amazon.com
I would watch Michael Cera star in a paper bag. He's my favorite beta male of all time and I find him inexplicably adorable, plus his acting is just … really unique. My only problem with Youth in Revolt is that I was Ellen Page starred in it with him; they are the cutest movie couple in life. Still, I can completely understand his need to make an alter ego and I loved the awkward romance and comedy of this film.

2 Easy a

Easy aPrice: $16.99 at amazon.com
I was all over this movie from the first preview I saw. I love the premise, I love Emma Stone, and to me, the movie lived up to all its expectations. It's a really well done high school movie, in that it explores how peer pressure can be and how rumors can utterly destroy you – but only if you let them.

3 L'arnacoeur / Heartbreaker

L'arnacoeur / HeartbreakerPrice: $22.49 at amazon.com
This flick was cute. Kind of predictable, it sort of reminded me of Dane Cook's My Best Friend's Girl, but I didn't care because hi, French. The premise does get a little predictable and some of the plot arcs are a little confusing, but I don't even care.

4 Killers

KillersPrice: $15.49 at amazon.com
I love Ashton Kutcher. What can I say? I'd watch him in pretty much anything – even a movie costarring Katherine Heigl. But you know what? I liked her in this. This movie didn't get a lot of rave reviews, but it's light and frothy and made me happy, so there you go.

5 Letters to Juliet

Letters to JulietPrice: $13.49 at amazon.com
I love Amanda Seyfried to death. To death! I loved her in Mean Girls, I loved her in Mamma Mia!, and I love her in Big Love. I will see anything she's in, no matter what it is. In spite of that, I was at first a little leery of this movie, because it had plenty of cheese potential, but I think it worked. The setting was absolutely gorgeous, which helped, and the premise was great, since it focused on an older love and older couple as well, something you normally don't see in romantic comedies.

6 Date Night

Date NightPrice: $14.99 at amazon.com
Tina Fey. Tina Fey, Tina Fey, Tina Fey! And Steve Carrell, for that matter. I loved this movie for many reasons, but what I loved most is that it actually focused on a couple that has been married for a while, rather than a couple who meets, falls in love, and gets married in some magical whirlwind romance. It's like an instant classic, almost more comedy than romance, and it makes me very, very happy.

7 Leap Year

Leap YearPrice: $6.49 at amazon.com
I didn't expect to like this movie at all. I thought the previews made it look campy and it seemed like Amy Adams had just taken her usual peppy, bubbly character to Ireland. Not so! I actually became a fan with this flick. Again, the location is gorgeous, the dialogue is witty, and the scenes are romantic in a kind of rough-and-tumble, “you drive me crazy, I hate you, I love you” kind of way.

8 Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2Price: $15.49 at amazon.com
Can you believe that I actually just saw this over Thanksgiving weekend? I suck. But I loved it! I loved the depth of this sequel. The previews made me worry they were jumping the shark by just featuring the girls on holiday, but there is so much depth in this movie, it takes the whole SATC relationship shtick to a whole new level.

Now, I know flicks like Valentine's Day and The Back-Up Plan arguably belong on here – but I didn't really like Valentine's Day (too many big names, too little screen time!) and I haven't seen The Back-Up Plan yet. So let's compromise: what are your favorite rom-coms from this year? Do you have any recommendations?

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