9 Celebrities That Make Me Laugh ...

By Aprille

The following 9 celebrities that make me laugh are just a short list of some of my favs. Of course, there are tons of comedians who can put me in stitches, but I decided to stick with actors instead for my list. It’s very difficult to put these celebrities in any specific order, since I adore so many. I don’t know what I’d do without comedies to watch!

9 Ardal O’Hanlon

I’ve watched all three seasons of Father Ted over and over and over again. I never get tired of the antics of Ardal’s character in this series. He plays Father Dougal McGuire. If you aren’t familiar with this particular series from British television, then I highly recommend checking out at least a few episodes. I’ve seen quite a few other movies that Ardal has been in and he’s always hilarious. I guess it might have something to do with him starting off as a stand-up comedian.

8 Sandra Bullock

Sandra has made some excellent comedies over the years. I can’t think of one that was bad. I loved both of the Miss Congeniality movies, as well as Love Potion Number 9, The Proposal, All About Steve, and While You Were Sleeping. I not only enjoy watching the movies she is in, but I think she’s an excellent actress as well. I enjoy her serious roles as much as her comedies, but I do prefer a comedy over a drama any day!

7 Tim Hawkins

Alright, so I did slip in one comedian. I’ve only recently come across this guy. My aunt sent me a link to one of his stand-up routines just last week. It can be found on YouTube and it’s called Tim Hawkins – Old Rock Star Songs. I’ve since watched as many of his recorded routines that I could find and he is hilarious! I highly recommend looking him up and passing on his links to others. They are an excellent pick-me-up.

6 Lucille Ball

The I Love Lucy show was over and done with way before I was born. However, I always get a kick out of watching the reruns. I think Lucille Ball is great! There’s just something about the TV shows of the 50s anyway, they are hard not to like. I think Lucy totally made the I Love Lucy series one of the best ones around. Lucy and Vivian made an excellent comedy team on the show as well.

5 Tim Allen

I first started watching Tim Allen on the TV series Home Improvement. I was thrilled when he started appearing in movies. I loved all of the Santa Clause movies. He was an excellent choice for the voice of Buzz Lightyear as well. Wild Hogs was another movie Tim had an excellent part in. I just don’t think there’s a comedy of his that I haven’t liked. He’s seems like he’d be a very witty guy in person as well.

4 Amanda Bynes

Although Amanda has only a handful of movies under her belt, she has proved herself to be a funny gal! I’ve enjoyed all of her movies. I have also caught a few television episodes for various shows she’s appeared in and liked the characters she plays in those to. She has great facial expressions, which adds a lot to her comedic performance.

3 Rowan Atkinson

Who doesn’t like Mr. Bean? Rowan is one of those characters that I can’t take serious even when he’s playing a serious role. He’s just too quirky in his mannerisms and I always expect him to pull some sort of Mr. Bean antic. Rowan has been going strong in the acting business since 1978 and I can’t imagine him stopping any time soon.

2 Jim Carrey

I first encountered Jim Carrey as a comedic actor on the television show In Living Color. Although this wasn’t the beginning of his acting career, it was the only one I’d ever seen him in. He is hilarious. Granted, I live with teenage boys, so some of Jim Carrey’s antics remind me of a lot of stuff my kids do. I think they actually get some of their humor from watching too many movies featuring Jim!

1 Adam Sandler

Between my sisters and I, we have nearly all of the movies Adam Sandler has ever been in. I look forward to hearing the Thanksgiving Song and the Hanukkah Song around the holidays. These songs always make me smile, as well as the many comedies he’s done over the years. Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Big Daddy, The Grown Ups, and just about all his others are always a good choice when I need a good laugh.

I’m sure my list of 9 celebrities that make me laugh is much different than your personal list, but hopefully you like at least a few of these funny celebrities. Thankfully there are always new comedic actors appearing each year. I’m sure my love for laughter also has something to do with my husband. He has a few comedy songs on YouTube under thechurchofdave and he’s always running his new material by me to see what I think. What are some of your favorite funny celebrities?

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