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By Aprille

I live in a world filled with laughter and I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course, there are times when I need to be serious about certain things in life. Not everything can be a joking matter. I try to stay optimistic and light-hearted about most things, it's how I maintain my sanity. I can't worry about everything, but there are at least 7 things to be serious about that I've listed below. Your list might be a bit different than mine, but I bet there are at least a couple that are similar.

7 Your Job

A bit of seriousness is needed to maintain a good job. It doesn't have to be the type of occupation that will make you rich and famous, but it is still important to hold on to whatever type of employment you can. Joking around and slacking on the job won't impress your employer much. Unless you're a comedian, putting too much emphasis on humor in your workplace might land you on the unemployment line.

6 Your Car

I take caring for my vehicle very seriously. I can't simply hope that it will get me from one place to the next. I need to make sure to have the oil changed regularly, maintain the proper level of fluids and pressure in the tires, as well as keep an ear open for strange noises that may arise. Making sure that my car is in good working order is no joking matter.

5 Your Future

Not everyone has their entire future planned out to the very last detail. Some people might joke about being a bum the rest of their lives, but I bet deep down inside they are still making plans for themselves. I may not know exactly where I will be in 5 years, but I try to make sure that anything I do between now and then won't be detrimental for my or my family's future, whatever it may entail.

4 Your Home

Even if you don't own your own home, it's important to take your housing situation seriously. Making sure your family has a place to stay or even yourself if you live alone is something that you should think about. I've made my home on a sail boat, in the basement of a friend's house, and even on the couch of a neighbor. No matter how untraditional my 'home' was, I always knew where it was going to be so that I wasn't ever left without a place to stay.

3 Your Health

Keeping track of your health should be a top priority. After all, if you aren't in good health, then how do you expect to keep up with your family, job, the bills, and so many other aspects of life? There is just too much that relies on your good health. Eat right, incorporate whatever types of physical activities you can into your life, and see a doctor when you need to.

2 Your Financial Situation

My financial situation isn't always as ideal as I'd like it to be. I'm sure there are many individuals who fall into the same category. As long as I'm able to make ends meet and not go into debt, then I'm absolutely thrilled! Your finances shouldn't be a matter that you take lightly. After all, don't you find it much easier when you know where your funds are coming from instead of guessing how you are going to make ends meet?

1 Your Kids

People who have kids tend to put them before everything else in their life, making them the number one most important aspect. Raising your children to be fine upstanding individuals is something that should fall at the top of your list of things to do. There are so many parts involved with raising kids that it's good to maintain a sense of humor, but it is also a matter that should be dealt with at times in a serious manner.

The 7 things to be serious about that I listed above are ones that I feel strongly about. There is always a time and a place for humor. I know that some of these 7 things can be joked around about to a certain extent, but I also know that a serious tone has to be set at times as well. What is something in your life that you feel has to be dealt with in a serious manner?

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