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By Jelena

Tutorials, music videos, movie trailers and popular funny clips- World Wide Web would be one dull place without YouTube, that’s for sure! I’ve done a lot of posts on interesting hair and makeup videos but I’ve never done a single one on those interesting YouTube channels I like to watch. So, if you liked my previous posts and watch YouTube videos on regular basis, check out these 7 interesting YouTube channels, too!

1 Gradual Report’s Channel

Watch at: youtube.com
Danny is HILLARIOUS! Every single video is great but Serbian Lessons are freaking awesome! Okay, maybe not so funny if you don’t know a word of Serbian but never mind, there are plenty of other equally funny, all English videos to make you laugh. Now, I’m going to suggest more funny and interesting YouTube channels although this is and always will be my favorite one so, please, check it out and tell me what you think about Danny and my sense of humor.

2 Panacea81’s Channel

Watch at: youtube.com
This lovely lady has some mean skills so check out her channel in case you need an idea on how to do your makeup for the prom or any other important event. I’ve been following her channel for almost 2 years now and one thing I can say for sure is that it’s definitely worth watching. She’s very sweet and nice too so, in case you saw and instantly loved a certain celebrity make-up look, you can always comment and ask her to do an inspired how-to video just for you.

3 I Love Gerardo’s Channel

Watch at: youtube.com
My research about vintage hairstyles is what made me discover Iris and her amazing videos but her gorgeous hair, creativity and hairstyling skills are what made me wish to stick around. Everything looks so easy when she does it so most of her techniques are still quantum physics for me although I have learned a lot of new and interesting things that have inspired me to style my hair more often.

4 Sabrina Season 2’s Channel

Watch at: youtube.com
Remember Sabrina The Teenage Witch? I loved it but, unfortunately, never got to see how it ended. But that was all before my sister told me about this super cool channel. So, if you love Sabrina as much as I do, I bet you’ll have a lot of fun watching it all over again. Enjoy!

5 Community Channel

Watch at: youtube.com
“Where pixels commit suicide and cool comes to die” LOL! But that’s not the only thing that will make you go LOL so do subscribe and start watching. You’ll laugh, you’ll nod your head thinking, “OMG that’s soooo true!” and you’ll definitely have a lot of fun watching the videos of this super-funny blabber mouth. Yup, definitely one of those interesting YouTube channels and exactly how interesting it really is… well I’m waiting for you to tell me what you think!

6 PetTubedotcom

Watch at: youtube.com
You know how it usually goes- somebody posts a funny pet video on Facebook, you decide to check it out thinking, “Oh, okay, I can spare three minutes of my life” and end up watching one suggested video after another until you realize those 3 minutes have turned into an hour and a half. Well, animal lovers, here’s one channel dedicated to pets and pets only so feel free to watch it anytime you please, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your schedule, of course!

7 Jack Vale Films

Watch at: youtube.com
Now this one right here is one of the funniest, most interesting YouTube Channel’s ever so watch it whenever you need a good laugh. This guy is hilarious and I especially love the fact that both celebrities and regular people have been the “victims” of his pranks. And that’s all you’re going to hear from me so if you want to see what a red carpet version of hidden camera looks like, now you know where to look!

Have you seen some of these channels before and do you find them as funny as I do? I’ve been dying to write a post on some of my favorite, most interesting YouTube channels for quite some time now, so hope you enjoyed it.

Top Photo Credit: Rego - d4u.hu

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