7 Reasons to Watch "Men at Work" ...

By Lydia

There are probably a lot of reasons to watch “Men at Work.” It hasn’t made too much of an impact where people are talking about it all of the time and it hasn’t become a smash hit, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad show; maybe there just aren’t enough people who know about it! Here are seven reasons to watch “Men at Work.” Maybe I’ll inspire you to give it a try!

1 It’s Funny

There’s not much more to say about that as a reason to watch "Men at Work." “Men at Work” is a really funny show about four guys that are friends and work together. They have to deal with dating, fighting with each other, work issues, and every other aspect of life together, and while it’s obvious that they really care about each other, what fun would it be if everything was fine and dandy all the time? I didn’t think I’d really enjoy this show, but after one episode I was sure I wanted to see more!

2 Workplace Comedy

I know I already said that it’s funny, but that’s slightly different than it being a workplace comedy. There aren’t many of these on air, especially now that “The Office” is over, but it’s definitely a great theme for a show. Everyone has to work and so everyone can relate to having friends and stress at work. This show may not totally be categorized as a workplace comedy because they don’t just stay in the office, but they do all work together, which adds a whole other level of conflict and therefore comedy.

3 Danny Masterson

If you’re a fan of “That '70s Show,” then chances are you loved Hyde. Danny Masterson is the name of the actor who played Hyde in that show and he also plays Milo in “Men at Work.” Although the show centers on his group of friends, it may be safe to say that he’s more of a main character than the others, only due to the fact that the first episode is completely centered on him. He’s a really funny actor who plays a great character, and so he’s definitely a great reason to watch the show.

4 Normal Guys

They’re normal guys! There isn’t just a group of super hot guys or super awkward nerdy guys. Yes, they could probably be put into categories, but they also don’t seem completely unrealistic as people you could run into on the street. There are a lot of shows with guys that seem too far on one side of the spectrum, but luckily this “Men at Work” has found a nice balance.

5 Dating from Men’s Point of View

This is a reason that women can enjoy this show! Women always say they want to know about what men are thinking when it comes to dating and now here’s a funny look into that exact topic. The best part is that there are four totally different types of guys, so you’re not just hearing about the nerdy guy or the hot guy, but the guys in the middle too. It’s a show created by men, so some of the ideas in the show probably really are things that guys think sometimes. It’s definitely a lot of fun to see!

6 Relevant Topics

This is probably a confusing and strange sounding reason to watch a TV show, but I like when shows talk about relatable and relevant things. “Men at Work” has cracked jokes about apps for cell phones and how they want to create apps for seemingly useful things, which is something that a lot of people can relate to. How many times have you heard someone say “there should be an app that…” and it turns out to be something totally pointless. They also talk about the Missed Connections fad that was around not too long ago.


This probably seems like another really weird reason to watch a TV show, but I’m really not a big fan of TBS shows, so when I find a gem I root for it. This probably would deter people from watching a show, but for some reason it draws me in more. Who doesn’t like to root for the underdog every once in a while!? I know I do.

I’ve missed the last couple of episodes and writing this made me want to run and catch up with it! Do you watch “Men at Work”? What reasons would you add to this list?

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