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By Aprille

I’m always up for a good laugh and spotting humor on the back of vehicles is a great way to pass the time while stuck in traffic. I like passing things on that make me laugh, so here are 8 funny bumper stickers for you to enjoy as well. You’ve possibly seen some of these on the back of cars as well. Feel free to pass on the laughter!

8 I Had a Life but My Job Ate It

I Had a Life but My Job Ate ItPhoto Credit: Studiobaker

I can think of a few people who would go for this bumper sticker. The picture I saw of this bumper sticker had it placed above the gas tank on the car and there was another decal on the cover to the gas tank that looked like money being sucked into the tank. I think this bumper sticker and decal combo works well. I’m sure many people feel this way; they work to put gas in the car so they can make it to work the next day. It seems like a vicious circle to me!

7 Even Though This is a Stupid Sticker You’re Squinting to Read It

Even Though This is a Stupid Sticker You’re Squinting to Read ItPhoto Credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

How many times have you been at a stop light and pulled just a bit closer to the car in front of you so you could read the bumper sticker? I’ve done this many times. I’ve even backed up a bit to catch a glimpse of a potentially funny sticker on the car next to me. I thought the wording on this one was quite clever. I’d love to see the face of the person reading it when the end last part of the sentence was finally reached. Classic!

6 I Brake for No Apparent Reason

I Brake for No Apparent ReasonPhoto Credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

I’ve seen a few drivers who should have this sticker placed on their bumper. I was driving cross country once and got behind a guy who must have been driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake because his brake lights were on as he was going up the hill in front of me. I can usually tell when someone is a tourist in our area and not used to the winding roads. They brake at the oddest times and for no apparent reason.

5 I Shoot People with My Canon

I Shoot People with My CanonPhoto Credit: hondadudecanada

I always enjoy humor designed for a specific crowd of people. This bumper sticker obviously gives photographers a good chuckle when they see it. There’s nothing like a bit of play on words to make a simple camera reference even more humorous. I’ve seen quite a few bumper stickers geared towards certain professions and not all come across as humorous, but many do give it a good try.

4 Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make HistoryPhoto Credit: Geodog

Simple and very well put. Aren’t the ‘trouble makers’ in history in the books for causing a scene most of the time? As society goes, women who do things out of the norm and end up on the nightly news are the ones most remembered. Most of the women who end up in history books were involved in some something political or religious. Many were adventurers during a time when exploration was mainly set aside for men, which made these ladies come across as not being very lady-like.

3 Very Funny, Scotty. Now Beam down My Clothes

Very Funny, Scotty. Now Beam down My ClothesPhoto Credit: ianturton

I don’t see a whole lot of Star Trek humor on a daily basis, so I had to laugh when I saw this bumper sticker. The mental image I got when I read this was equally hilarious. I wonder how many Star Trek fans have purchased this bumper sticker for them self or a trekky friend. I can think of at least a couple of friends who might get a chuckle out of finding this bumper sticker in their Christmas stocking.

2 RED Meat Isn’t BAD for YOU, Fuzzy GREEN Meat is BAD for YOU

RED Meat Isn’t BAD for YOU, Fuzzy GREEN Meat is BAD for YOUPhoto Credit: MarkMarcusMach1

I’m sure even my sisters would get a chuckle out of this bumper sticker. They are both vegans and avid promoters of all things vegetable. They both have maintained a great sense of humor, despite our father’s best efforts to make fun of veganism multiple times during family gatherings. We’ve snuck in a few vegan dishes without him knowing and relish in the fact that he enjoys every bite and had no clue that he is eating a tasty vegan meal.

1 Why Don’t More People Wear Capes?

Why Don’t More People Wear Capes?Photo Credit: SecondaryColors

I’ve often wondered this myself. I wonder what year it was decided that wearing capes wasn’t cool anymore. I guess we can’t all dress up like we belong in a Harry Potter movie, but I do think it would be fun from time to time.

I hope you enjoy reading these 8 funny bumper stickers I found and they made you laugh, even a little bit. We can all use a bit of humor each day. They say that laughter is the best medicine. Studies have shown that laugher boosts the immune system and releases endorphins, which make a person feel good and even alleviate pain. Have you come across some hilarious bumper stickers lately or stickers in general?

Top Photo Credit: Gurumustuk Singh

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