Top 10 Scary Movies of All Time ...

By Melanie

If you are anything like me, then you love scary movies. Yes, the horror section is definitely where my interest goes. Sure, I like watching a comedy movie every now and then, but nothing tops that horror category! So, I was thinking that I would take some time out of my day and tell you about the top 10 scary movies of all time. These come from my mind, noone else’s, so chances are, you are not going to find a list just like this anywhere else. So, let’s begin now:

10 It

A scary clown that can turn into anything? Including a huge spider? This has to be why I never liked clowns! I always look at clowns like they are scary. This clown follows a group of kids and torments them throughout the whole movie. Oh, the ending is wonderful!

9 I Know What You Did Last Summer

There were several series to this. The first one started in 1997 when a group of friends ran over someone and decided not to tell anyone. Turns out, the one they ran over haunts them through the entire movie. When I say “haunt,” I really mean it. This is definitely a movie that you have to see!

8 Poltergeist

This is one of the best ghost stories that has ever been made. This movie takes us into an American suburb and then right when we thought things were safe, it turns into a house of horrors. It starts with some amusing, strange poltergeist activity in a home and then get serious when Carol Anne (a 5-year-old) disappears. A team of paranormal investigators is called in and that is where it all starts.

7 The Shining

This is still among the best ever made! A family goes to an isolated hotel during the winter. A spiritual and evil presence takes over the father and turns him into a violent man. His psychic son sees these horrible forebodings from the past and this is where I am leaving you off…

6 Pet Sematary

It all starts when a family moves into a home. They hear about the woods behind their house and how it’s an Indian burial ground. They swear they will never use it, then when their little boy, Gage, gets into a horrible accident, they decide to bury him in the “Pet Sematary.” Will Gage come back to life? Will he be a normal little boy or will he be evil as can be? This is something you’ve got to watch!

5 Sometimes They Come Back

Yes, sometimes they come back. This is based on a short story by Stephen King. A guy and his family return to the home he was raised in when he starts getting harassed by teens that died when he was a child. This at times has some sad parts in it, but nonetheless, it is a horror story.

4 Saw

There are a series of Saw movies and I loved every single one of them. With a dead body sitting between them, two guys awake in a lair of a serial killer who has the nickname “Jigsaw.” Jigsaw really has a strange, but smart mind and all of his victims are chosen for a reason. Watch all of the movies as the story unfolds.

3 Grace

Grace… what more can I say? An accident happens and the baby is a stillborn. However, this is not so. The baby is still living, but the baby does not want regular food like a cute, cuddly baby. The baby is breastfeeding and bites the mother. OUCH! What does the baby wants? It wants bloooooood!

2 Orphan

This movie actually makes me afraid to adopt an orphan! Just kidding, but seriously, it does make you think! The orphan appears to be a normal little girl doing normal girl things. However, she has a mean side to her. Watch this movie as the story unfolds. If I say any more, I’m afraid I will tell you the ending!

1 The Stepfather

Michael comes home from military school where he finds that his mom has a new love and is now living with him. As the two guys get to know each other, Michael gets more suspicious of who he really is. He always waits with a helpful hand, but will he turn out helpful in the end? There’s only one way to tell and that is by watching this movie.

These are only 10 scary movies. There are so many other movies that are horrifying. I understand that many have a different taste in movies, but these are one’s I think others may find scary. I didn’t forget "Children of the Corn" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" ... maybe those will be on my next list. Until then, check out these 10 movies if you have not done so already. What about you, what is your favorite scary movie? Oh yeah and "Twilight" does not count or I would have had that one on here...

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