7 Reasons I Love the Housewives of Beverly Hills ...

By Lyndsie

Ohhh man, this is such a guilty pleasure. I don't know what it is about the Real Housewives of... franchise, but I love so many of them! D.C drove me crazy, but I am loving Beverly Hills. Maybe it goes back to my adolescent infatuation with the original Beverly Hills 90210, I'm not sure. And maybe seeing these 7 reasons I love the Housewives of Beverly Hills will explain my adoration just a little better.

1 Lisa VanderPump-Todd

Lisa VanderPump-ToddImage source: celebrityhotnews.net

I did not like the smarmy British lady on the D.C. Housewives, but I am absolutely crazy about Lisa. Her sense of humor, her wry, dry asides, her jokes, her little snarks regarding her fellow housewives … they are all so marvelous. She should do commentary on every show, it would be brilliant. Plus, she almost looks her age – and she's still gorgeous!

2 Lisa's Dogs

Lisa's DogsImage source: izzytequila.files.wordpress.com

Lisa also has the most adorable dogs I have ever seen, save my own little dachshund and my mother's darling little boy-diva, a Pomeranian/chihuahua/Papillion (omg I know!). I can't help it, I love lap dogs; I know they aren't everyone's thing. Anyway, that tiny little Pom just melts my heart – especially when it barks! It sounds like a toy!

3 The Paris Hilton Connection

The Paris Hilton ConnectionImage source: lisavanderpump.com

So, two of the women on this show, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, are Paris Hilton's aunts. They're her mother's sisters, I think. One of them never mentions the relationships, the other one talks about it all the time – which I will rant about in a minute. I just keep waiting, though, for a Paris or Nicky cameo, just because I would love to see how the younger generation reacts to this one.

4 The Feuds

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These women fight so much! So much! They are maybe the cattiest cast I have ever witnessed, even more so, in their way, than New York, New Jersey, and Orange County. And I am a horrible person, because I think it's hilarious.

5 Camille Grammer's Craziness

Camille Grammer's CrazinessImage source: ellen.warnerbros.com

I know this is not nice. But look, I love Kelsey Grammer, I've loved him since his Cheers days. I love him in everything he's ever done, even his really awful movies. I remember reading about his marital problems long before this show came out and thinking it was a shame – and then I actually saw and heard Camille. I do think she's got issues, but that's neither here nor there. My thing is how she says 20 times per episode that she wants to be seen as something other than Kelsey's wife – and then talks about him constantly, going so far as to keep encouraging a feud that is all about him!

6 Kim Richards' Craziness

Kim Richards' CrazinessImage source: homorazzi.com

There is something wrong with Kim. A lot of it looks like it stems from the fact that she used to be a child star and doesn't seem able to accept that she sort of wasn't that big of one. However, here is why I think she's crazy on the el train: in the first episode, she spent like 10 minutes sharing an anecdote about having dinner with Paris Hilton and coming out to discover that the paparazzi kept calling her a legend and an icon. A bigger one than her niece. Who is the biggest girl to ever be famous for doing nothing except being famous. I don't think so.

7 The Sociological Impact

Image source: picktainment.com

These women have crazy amounts of money. All the housewives are supposed to, of course, but these women have Beverly Hills money. And the way the show depicts what's important to them is actually quite interesting, on both sociological and anthropological levels. A birthday party for a child because a cocktail party for parents. Psychics with swollen egos come to dinner. The ladies take off to Vegas on a whim. Relationships are mended solely so that more money can be made.

Yeah, that's it. I watch it for sociological research! Not really. This franchise is awful – but it's like a trainwreck, I just cannot look away. Do any of you find this horribly wonderful and wonderfully horrible at the same time?

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