11 Funniest TV Commercials ...

By Jennifer

I love watching TV commercials, especially during the Super Bowl, and even more when they’re funny. I tend to remember the funny ones the most, which, after all, is what a commercial is supposed to do, right? Make you remember. And there have been some hilarious ones over the years, haven’t there? Here’s a list of the 11 funniest TV commercials… I love them all!

1 GEICO – “Does a Drill Sergeant Make a Terrible Therapist?”

I laughed so hard the first time I saw this… it’s so clever, and so funny! And yes, a former drill sergeant WOULD make a bad therapist! The best part is when he’s done yelling at the guy, then offers him a tissue and throws the box at him. “Crybaby!” Too funny!

2 Horintos Tequila – “Cougar”

A bit risqué, but completely hilarious! According to one of my guy friends, every guy’s worst nightmare is for his mother to hook up with one of his friends… The look on this guy’s face when he realizes it’s his mother’s phone that’s ringing… classic!

3 ProLine – “Anyone Can Win”

What happens when the team you’ve bet on is sure to lose? Don’t panic. Remember, anything can happen, and anyone can win — especially if the trainer accidentally spikes the Gatorade with muscle relaxers… this commercial STILL cracks me up!

4 Smart Beep – “Blind Date”

This was hilarious the first time I saw it, and it still makes me laugh! She looks so ladylike, doesn’t she? I love the look on the guy’s face in the back seat, and the ending is fantastic! The lesson from this commercial is to always look in the back seat before you … do anything unladylike!

5 Heineken – “Walk-in Fridge”

This commercial is absolutely hilarious! The men go crazy when their friend shows them his walk-in fridge, fully stocked with ice-cold Heineken. I love the little dance the guy on the left does, and the redhead ‘s facial expressions are priceless! If you liked this commercial, be sure to watch the next one… a sequel to a commercial?

6 Heineken – “Walkin Fridge, Part 2”

What a perfect follow-up to the original walk-in fridge commercial! I love the carpenter’s imitation of the excited “ahh!” and the look on the homeowner’s face when the walking fridge pops up is priceless!

7 Bud Light – “Skydiving”

This is my boyfriend’s all-time favorite funny commercial. He can’t say why he thinks it’s so funny, but he loves that you don’t even hear the pilot say a word before he jumps out of the plane after the six=pack of Bud Light…

8 Snickers – “Batman”

When you think of Snickers commercials, you probably think of the ones with Aretha Franklin or Betty White, but Snickers has been making funny commercials for years, like this one! I love the seriousness of the poor football player who thinks he’s Batman… and the guy on the bench next to him.

9 Doritos – “Chip Ninja”

This is a fairly recent commercial, and it’s so quirky yet so funny! A chip ninja? Sure, why not! And chips can be kind of pointy and dangerous, I suppose… I guess he really does take his Doritos seriously!

10 Holiday Inn – “Remodeling”

This ad was only shown once, during the Super Bowl in the mid 1990s, then it was pulled because people thought it was offensive. Puritans! It’s a lot less racy than half the beer commercials that were aired during that same Super Bowl — but it’s still so funny! Bob Johnson sure does look different, doesn’t he?

11 Bud Light – “Yes I Am”

This was one of a whole series of commercials featuring this guy. In each, he pretends to be someone else just so he can get a Bud Light. I always thought this one was so funny! And the ending is perfect!

I love all of these commercials… they’re funnier than most of the TV shows on right now! Which of these ads do you think is the funniest? Or is there another one that always makes you laugh? Please share with me… I’d love to see!

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