7 Seriously Funny Bloopers ...

By Talynn

I love jokes and funnies! The most hilarious ones happen to real life people in real life circumstances, don’t you think? Think of it like this: Reality Bloopers in Life! These stories are all true-life, really happened bloopers. I laughed myself silly on a few of these bloopers. I would have been so embarrassed! Ready to laugh?

1 Still out of Gas?

Still out of Gas?Photo Credit: enviousmoon

Mary Jane had been running errands and had gotten so busy she didn’t check the gas gauge of her little Honda. Picking up her cell phone, she called her husband to rescue her. Robert showed up and because it was so hot, Mary Jane rode to the gas station and watched as Robert filled the gas can. When they got back to the empty Honda. Robert got out of the car, filled the tank, and then sat back down in the driver’s seat of his Dodge truck. Mary Jane asked, “Am I ready to finish shopping?” to which Robert replied, “As soon as we return from the gas station again. I put the gas in the wrong tank!”

2 What the?

Jake sat in church reluctantly. He had a cold and would rather be at home in bed. Needing a Kleenex, he leaned over and asked his mother for a tissue. Mom was totally engrossed in the sermon and without taking her eyes off the preacher, reached into her purse and pulled out the little package of Kleenex’s she always carried. Jake went to blow his nose only to realize mom had handed him a Kotex pad!

3 Oops! No Ink!

At the bank the other day, the lady in front of me began digging through her purse for a pen to sign the deposit slip. Not able to find one, the lady at the next window reached inside her purse for the pen she had just used. Never glancing down at what she grabbed, the lady in front of me was mortified to be handed a tampon!

4 Interview Goof

Interview GoofPhoto Credit: jahat

Trying to impress her soon-to-be boss, Melissa did not want to be late for her interview. In a hurry she decided she would apply her makeup in the car. At the firs red light, she put on her mascara. At the next, she added eyeliner. And finally, she applied lip liner and lipstick at the last stop. Thank goodness, she wasn’t late, but for some reason, the secretary gave her an odd look when she arrived. When called back for the interview, the boss crumpled his eyes, and asked, “Why do you wear black lipstick?” Rushing to the bathroom, Melissa realized she had applied eyeliner instead of lip liner!

5 To Be Young Again

To Be Young AgainPhoto Credit: D. Alan Harris Photography

Martha didn’t want to celebrate her 60th birthday. But when asked by her sweet husband what she would like for her gift, she jokingly relied, “To be 6 again.” Tom decided to oblige. He bought tickets to the local amusement park and they rode all the roller coasters, super fast spinners, and high-rise thrill rides. Then he indulged her with ice cream, snow cones, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. They ended the day with dinner at McDonalds, complete with Happy Meals. Falling exhausted into bed, Tom asked her how she liked her day. Martha groggily whispered, “Tom, I meant a size 6, not age 6!”

6 Emergency Landing

Emergency LandingPhoto Credit: Carolinadoug

Fred had been out all day practicing his spins, dips, and other flying ace feats. All to late, his gas gauge beeped an almost empty warning. Spotting an airfield below, he glided to a perfect landing and stopped the plane at the end of the runway. To his surprise, when he opened the hatch he was surrounded by police. He had landed on a top-secret military base. After an all night interrogation treatment, the military let him go with warnings of life imprisonment. Astonished officials arrested the same man when he showed up with another passenger the next day. The man demanded an explanation to his wife of where he had spent the last night!

7 Preschool Stalkers

Westside Learning and Beyond Preschool dismissed their students for a week with the warning to parents of a stalker. They made plans with the local police force to arrest the man who repeatedly and constantly watched the preschool from a next-door window. The teachers and parents were relived to see a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt behind bars! Whew!

Isn’t it great when we can laugh at our mistakes? Well, it may not be so great when others laugh at us, but go ahead and smile! We will laugh with you because we make the same goof ups! Which of these funny bloopers did you laugh the most over?

Top Photo Credit: Harpo42

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