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By Neecey

Yes I know cat videos on YouTube are funny but other than giving you some light relief and a mood boost, they don’t really enrich your life. The next time you’re browsing, make a stop at some websites that can make you smarter. There’s a wealth of smarts in these, for example:

1 Duolingo

Duolingo duolingo.com
This is a language-learning website. You are able to learn how to speak write in Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Italian and French. It will take you a few months, but if you are willing to put in the effort, then you may learn enough of the language to visit the country or even put it to use in your job.

2 GeographyIQ

GeographyIQ geographyiq.com
This website is a mixture of Google Earth and Wikipedia. It both shows you locations and gives you information on them. It teaches you a great deal about history and the people within the locations, as well as giving you the geographical information. If you are taking a geography course, or are just viciously interested in the subject, then this may be the website for you.

3 MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware ocw.mit.edu
This is a website that is maintained by MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their open courseware features courses on various topics that they have created themselves. The idea is to spread education without charging people money. You cannot earn a degree, but you can learn the things that are taught in degree courses.

4 HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks howstuffworks.com
This is a simple website that shows you how things work. It shows you the principles and concepts behind things both in the academic world, and (most often) in the real world. It teaches a variety of things, from why your pituitary gland does what it does, to why water spins a certain way when you pull the plug out in the bath.

5 Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful informationisbeautiful.net
This website is built for people that do not fancy doing too much reading. It exists so that people may learn new things via a graphical format. There is still a little reading to be done, but it is definitely aimed more at visual learners. There are information bubbles and labels that help you understand and navigate.

6 Spreeder

Spreeder spreeder.com
This is a speed-reading tool that helps improve the rate at which you read. Use the tool and it flashes up the words in your text quickly. In time, you learn to naturally read faster. Only use their free applications. Their paid tools are complete garbage, and their adverts for them are so full of neurolinguistic programming that they must think the world is made of idiots.

7 Lumosity

Lumosity lumosity.com
With the Lumosity website, you are able to learn via games. It gives you a daily schedule of games you may use to make yourself a little more clever. It figures out your strengths and weaknesses so it may challenge you a little harder as you go. It is a form of brain training, and you will need to sign up for an account in order to use it.

8 CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes cliffsnotes.com
This website is a valuable resource for students. It has a series of study guides you may use, and it has test preparation tools. It has resources for science and math that may help students complete their homework a little more easily. If you are interested in math and science, then it may be of use to you too. It is handy reading the notes before the actual book or before watching the movie.

9 Investopedia

Investopedia investopedia.com
Learn more about investing and how to build wealth. It has numerous articles that explain the basics and intermediate functions of investing and accounting. It also has videos and tutorials to teach you about managing money and your investments. It is fairly easy to digest if you are willing to do the research.

10 Quora

Quora quora.com
This is a website where questions have been asked to various experts. The answers are posted on the website. You ask a question, and if the experts have been consulted on it, then their answers will spawn. You may also see what other people have written about the topic you are trying to research.

11 Cooking for Engineers

Cooking for Engineers cookingforengineers.com
This is a website that is geared towards making your cooking a little tastier. It is a very methodical and calculated recipe and cooking website. It helps you understand why certain ingredients have their effects so you may improve your cooking as a whole instead of simply mastering a few recipes.

12 Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness nerdfitness.com
Getting into shape is a fair aim, but many websites focus on becoming some sort of athlete, when most people simply want to lose the weight in a way that does not leave them with ugly skin flaps. This website helps you lose weight and get into shape at home instead of going to the gym.

13 The Dating Specialist

The Dating Specialist thedatingspecialist.com
There are plenty of dating experts that claim they are good at picking up women. This is yet another in the vast pool of them. If you wish, you may have your boyfriend take the course so he learns how to flirt and woo you a little better. Maybe then, his romantic gestures will be a little less sappy.

14 Anki

Anki ankisrs.net
The Anki website is a flashcard creating, storage, and usage website. It allows you to sift through the already-created flashcards to use them, or you may create your own and use them on the website. You are able to use audio, images and video to help you learn and memorize things a little more easily and a little faster.

15 TED

TED ted.com
The TED website gives you access to many of the talks that are held at the TED. It features a range of people that are "seen as" experts by "some," but it is really up to you to judge. For example, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Stephen Hawking have spoken there. Yet, some are not so great and are using TED as a personal soapbox. In short, make of the speakers what you will, but do not assume they are all experts.

16 Pinfruit

Pinfruit pinfruit.com
This is one of the few tools on the Internet that will help you to memorize strings of numbers. You have to memorize a number of numbers and letters, such as the number 2 is represented by the letter "n." Enter the string of numbers and it gives you words to represent the numbers. Pick the words that help form a memorable sentence, and then use the first letters to help you recall the string of numbers.

17 Mindtools

Mindtools mindtools.com
The website’s aim is to teach you various skills that you need throughout your career. For example, it has leadership skills, decision-making skills, stress management skills, etc, and they are all on its menu. You pick the skills you wish to improve, and it gives you lessons to help you improve said skills.

18 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg gutenberg.org
This website features a large list of books you can access for free. The idea was to create a project where books that are no longer in copyright are posted. This means you are going to get books for free that you may otherwise pay for depending on the publisher. You may get and read them for free with this website, and it is all legal because either the content is copyright free, or the copyrights have expired.

19 Codeacademy

Codeacademy codecademy.com
It may not be the best coding website on the Internet because Wibit.net is, but CodeAcademy is certainly the most popular. This means there are more people on the forums and more users overall. Take the free lessons and build your way up. Once you have exhausted the free lessons, you may move up to Wibit.net where you may take your knowledge to new realms of excellence.

20 Khan Academy

Khan Academy khanacademy.org
With this website, you may pick a college course and essentially take it. You are not able to earn a degree, but you are able to gain access to much of the information you would need in order to complete a degree. It is useful if you are taking a degree, or if you simply wish to gain more in-depth knowledge on a subject.

21 Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar justinguitar.com
Want to learn how to play an instrument? This website teaches you how to play the guitar with easy-to-access and easy-to-understand lessons. There are hundreds of guitar lessons that you may take for free. It teaches a number of different styles to suit whatever way you wish to play the guitar.

This is really just a handful of the incredible number of useful, educational and interesting websites there are. I think you’ll agree, so much more edifying than funny cat videos. Yes?
Justin Guitar

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