8 Best TV Shows of All Time ...

By Talynn

Some shows speak to us personally. They fit our sense of humor like a glove, and if we ever happen to stumble across an episode on television, we’re compelled to watch it, even if we’ve seen it thirty times before. These are those shows for me. Some were short lived, some are long gone, but each one holds a special place in my television loving heart. Enjoy.

8 The Office (American)

I can’t stand Steve Carell outside of the Office, but on this show he is television gold. Although that’s not to say that he carries the show because he doesn’t. That show would be nothing without its supporting cast, which is why I am so sure that it will stay great after Carell leaves at the end of this season.

7 Twin Peaks

The first two season of this show were AMAZING right down the theme music. It’s so haunting and dramatic, but in that weird early 90’s sort of way that just draws me in. It follows a murder and some very strange happenings in the town of Twin Peaks. As the investigation progresses you meet more and more quirky characters, all while suspicions build that something supernatural is brewing in the town. If you like mystery and intrigue, the first two seasons of this show are what you want. Stop after that; just a warning.

6 Quantum Leap

This show is so awesome. In an experiment gone wrong, scientist Sam Beckett is stuck making Quantum Leaps into other people’s bodies over the course of his lifetime. The catch is he has to right some sort of wrong to make the leap, hopefully back home, into his own body. His sidekick, the hologram Al and super computer Ziggy are there to help him find his way. I know how this show sounds, but give it a shot. It really is great, but in a nerdy sort of way.

5 The Adventure of Pete and Pete

I could watch this show on repeat as a kid, and I still enjoy it on DVD as an adult. I just wish they would put out more than the first two seasons because I haven’t seen the later episodes in years and I really want to. It follows two brothers, Pete and Pete Wrigley, living life as seen through the eyes of a ten and fourteen year old. Little Pete is aidded by his own personal super hero, Artie-the strongest man…in the world. The show is as deep as it is funny. It’s teaches lessons and also makes you feel what it was like to be a kid again. The nostalgia factor for this show is on full tilt.

4 The Sopranos

People hated the ending to the show, but I thought it was perfect. I’m not going to ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it, but this show is worth the effort. There’s just something about getting a glimpse into a “regular” family who happens to be the head of the Jersey mob. For me, no single season stands out. The entire run of the show is great as we see these characters mature and handle everyday problems like taking out the trash and the handling of snitches.

3 Arrested Development

This show is BRILLIANT. I hate that it ended so soon. This is one of those cases where you had a huge critical hit and a small but loyal fan base; it’s just that mainstream audiences weren’t ready for it. It follows the Bluth Family, and all of their wild antics. No other explanation is needed. This crazy, quirky, left field comedy show with its ridiculous cast of characters, for my money, is the funniest show ever made.

2 Lost

Best. Mystery. Show. Ever. If this were a book, you would NEVER put it down. I first found Lost on a twelve-hour car ride to Toronto. I watched the first episode and was totally hooked. I literally didn’t come out from under my blanket and portable DVD player for the whole ride there and back. I burned through the first season and was chomping at the bit for the second the start. That’s how you will feel about these castaways through every season. The series finale isn’t great, but the ride is completely worth it. Don’t miss Lost.

1 Batman: the Animated Series

As a gigantic batman fan, this show will always have a huge place in my heart. It IS the definitive version of Batman in my life. Every version, movie, television, or comic for the rest of my life will be weighed against this series. I hear all of the voices from this cartoon as I read the comics. That’s how big of a mark it’s left on me. It’s an animated, noir take on Batman that stays as true to the comics as it’s possible to be. If I had three wishes from a genie, one would be to have this show resurrected for some fresh new episodes. Best. Show. EVER.

These are my favorite shows of all time, but what would sit on top of your list?

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