30 Funny Sweatshirts to Tickle Your Funny Bone ...

By Eliza

Funny sweatshirts are all over the place and can take a bad day to a funny one in no time flat. If you love to make people laugh, you will love the chuckles you get from sporting a humorous sweatshirt everywhere you go.

1 Rules for Monday

clothing,t shirt,sleeve,sweatshirt,outerwear,Via Bad Mood Clothing Designs : ...
Mondays can be tough, am I right? Make things a bit more smile inducing by throwing on this sweatshirt to get your day going.

2 Explain Your Mood

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,hoodie,sweatshirt,Via Hungover - Last Night Was ...
If you can get past the language, this sweatshirt is sure to make people smile. Plus, the off the shoulder look makes it a little more trendy than other sweatshirts.

3 Make It Known

hood,hoodie,clothing,outerwear,sweatshirt,Via Wildfox Couture Running Sucks Wildfox ...
Whether you're a runner or not, you can see the humor in this sweatshirt, can't you?

4 Announce Your Motto

long sleeved t shirt,clothing,black,sleeve,t shirt,Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Everyone will know your MO when you sport this hilarious sweatshirt around town.

5 Hug Dealer

clothing,t shirt,pink,sleeve,spring,Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
You might get more hugs by wearing this, but you might also get some strange looks and people might avoid you. Either way, it's silly.

6 Love Me like You Love DEER SEASON

Occupational Therapy,Call of the Desert (1930),hoodie,hood,clothing,Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
This would be particularly humorous if your significant other is a hunter and you feel neglected during hunting season. Otherwise, people might not get it.

7 Don't We Wish?

blue,clothing,footwear,jeans,denim,Via Ecstasy Models — I WOKE ...
Most of us don't wake up looking ready to go, but tell people you are with this top. Maybe they won't know!

8 All Occasion Wear

hoodie,hood,clothing,sweatshirt,outerwear,Via I'm Just Here For The ...
Anytime you go to an event, this would be a funny sweatshirt to wear. This is pretty much my motto.

9 Personalized

Diamant,hoodie,hood,clothing,sweatshirt,Via Real Bridesmaids Hoodie
No one else will have this fantastic sweatshirt. Except for the other bridesmaids. Plus, it's a gift that you'll treasure forever.

10 I'm NOT Saying I'm BATMAN

long sleeved t shirt,clothing,sleeve,sweatshirt,product,Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Rock your superhero side with this gem. You can find it with your favorite superhero, so you can choose Batman or someone else.

11 Suggestive

day,emotion,flatter,yourself,Scar,Funny, right? Your sweatshirt is a great way to announce your true feelings without having to speak them out loud.

12 I'm Not Lazy I'm Secretly Batwoman

clothing,long sleeved t shirt,sleeve,sweatshirt,t shirt,Via I'm Not Lazy I'm Secretly ...
Totally true, right? There's nothing wrong with showcasing your incredible talents and skills with a humorous sweatshirt that's a bit more modest than tooting your own horn.

13 For Students

Coastal Kitchenware,hoodie,hood,clothing,sweatshirt,Via Study Definition | T-Shirts, Tank ...
Any college student will get this one. I would have worn this while I was at school. Would you?

14 Cute but Psycho

hoodie,hood,clothing,black,sweatshirt,Via amazon.com
This shirt would be great for you, but could also be for the man in your life.

15 Poking Fun

clothing,long sleeved t shirt,sleeve,sweatshirt,t shirt,Via Shall I Twerk For You ...
You can subtly make fun of something by wearing a sweatshirt like this. Would you wear it even when it isn't Christmas?

16 Morning Person

clothing,t shirt,sleeve,sweatshirt,hoodie,Via I COULD A MORNING PERSON ...
Any morning people out there? Not many, I'm sure. That's what makes this a great sweatshirt for any girl's closet.

17 I like Naps

hoodie,clothing,hood,outerwear,t shirt,Via I LIKE NAPS Hoodie - ...
Who doesn't? You'll get lots of compliments and laughs when you wear this sweatshirt.

18 Exercise Feelings

Via 19 Reasons To Get In ...
We all know exercise is good for us, but that doesn't mean it's fun. Wear your feelings on your sleeve (or chest, in this case).

19 Blonde Moment

hoodie,hood,clothing,sleeve,long sleeved t shirt,Via blonde moment | Hoodie | ...
Poke fun at your hair color by adding this little gem to your closet.

20 More Issues than Vogue

Berger Joyeros,t shirt,red,clothing,pink,Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
That's a lot of issues. This is perfect for any girl, am I right?

21 I like to Party

clothing,long sleeved t shirt,sleeve,t shirt,sweatshirt,Via I Like To Party And ...
You can find this sweatshirt with any range of hobbies or activities, so you can find the one that fits your personality best.

22 What Does the Fox Say

long sleeved t shirt,clothing,sleeve,t shirt,sweatshirt,Via What Does The Fox Say
This song went viral on You Tube and everyone will love the humor when you wear it.

23 Slogan Sweatshirts

clothing,sleeve,yellow,outerwear,t shirt,Via Say What
There is something so great about the saying and the pattern on this sweatshirt. I love fries, how about you?

24 Jingle Bells

hoodie,hood,clothing,outerwear,sweatshirt,Via Jingle Bells Twilight Smells | ...
Jingle Bells seems to get rewrittten all the time. Here's a great choice for a Harry Potter fan.

25 The Struggle is Real

long sleeved t shirt,clothing,sleeve,t shirt,sweatshirt,Via The Struggle Is Real | ...
This message could mean so many things, which is what makes it so great. Get ready for some hilarious conversations going on around you when people read it.

26 Tout Your Skills

pink,clothing,sleeve,sweater,product,Via Joe's 'Not Bossy' Graphic Sweatshirt ...
No matter what, this sweatshirt will give you a ego boost because it makes you look so good.

27 When You Wear It

t shirt,clothing,sleeve,long sleeved t shirt,sweater,Via Results for "sweatshirts" | Keep.com
You can wear this shirt anytime, not just when you're shoveling in pizza and Oreos.

28 Hamburger Sweatshirt...

clothing,food,textile,dish,Via I liked this design on ...
Do you love burgers? Let everyone know how much they mean to you with this little gem.

29 Emoji Lovers

clothing,t shirt,sleeve,outerwear,pocket,Via The Ultimate Gift Guide For ...
Funny, right? There won't be many people who don't get the joke here.

30 Smart Comment

hoodie,hood,clothing,sweatshirt,outerwear,Via Google+
Get a little snarky with a sweatshirt like this one. Awesome, isn't it?

Do you wear funny sweatshirts? I prefer hoodies and it's not as easy to find them with comments on them. What does your favorite one say?

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