Binge-Watch These Sitcoms Even if You're Not into Sitcoms ...

By Lyndsie

Sitcoms aren't for everyone, especially since it seems like traditional sitcoms reached their heyday in the 1990s. At the very least, that's when the laugh track went the way of the dinosaur, which is probably for the best. Still, older sitcoms have merit and many newer ones are laugh-out-loud funny. Seriously! You might want to binge on these even if you think you're not a fan of silly sitcoms.

1 The Office (US)

I just finished this, though it's the second time I tried – I got through season seven the first time, and loved it, but got distracted by life. That just meant I got to start all over again this last time. It took me two weeks to get through all nine seasons, and now I'm ready to start all over again. Well … not quite.

2 The Office (UK)

First I want to watch the original UK version of the show, starring Ricky Gervais in the megalomaniac manager role. He pops up in the US version, as well.


"Friends" is almost universally funny. Even if you don't like it, the odds are good that you'll find something you like.

4 Living Single

I used to live for "Living Single." I kind of wish they'd revamp this with the same actors because I would love to see what Khadijah Regina, Max, and Sinclair are up to.

5 Parks & Recreation

Everyone needs this. You should always watch "Parks & Rec." Always.

6 Roseanne

"Roseanne" is still my favorite sitcom. I can watch reruns over and over, and they're still as funny as they were in the '80s and '90s. Roseanne's signature brand of blue-collar comedy translates through the ages, and for my money, the Conners are still the perfect TV couple.

7 Will & Grace

"Will & Grace" was such a trailblazer of a show. Sometimes the jokes date a little and some of the dialogue may seem a bit problematic today, but all in all, it's still solidly, charmingly funny.

8 Scrubs

Full disclosure: I never got into "Scrubs," but it's popular enough that I know better than to skip it. Besides, my grudge is mostly based on the presence of Counterfeit Becky Conner, which is admittedly petty.

9 The Simpsons

"The Simpsons" will never end, so odds are good that you can find at least a season you still love. If all else fails, just sit down and watch twenty odd years of Halloween specials because they're the best.

10 I Love Lucy

Sometimes, you just can't go wrong with a classic. Lovely Lucille Ball is still a comedic genius and her exploits are still hilarious.

11 Seinfeld

For a show about nothing, it will leave you laughing an awful lot.

12 How I Met Your Mother

My advice is to just skip the final episode, if not the final season, and just ship the ending yourself. Up to that point, however, the show goes gangbusters.

13 That '70s Show

This will never not be funny. If you watch it for no other reason, watch it for Kitty and Red.

14 Spin City

"Spin City" was surprisingly smart, something I never noticed until I got into a few reruns. Michael J. Fox is amazing, but even Charlie Sheen's follow-up is funny.

15 Martin

"Martin" is my jam. I never missed an episode as a kid and I get giddy for late-night reruns now. Daaamn, Gina!

16 Entourage

Yes, it's frat-tastic and slightly misogynistic but it also has Ari Gold.

17 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show is weird and odd and wonderful and I will watch almost anything with Danny DeVito in it, anyway.

18 30 Rock

Because there's no such thing as too much Tina Fey.

19 Modern Family

This show is ... well, it really is about a modern family, and it's funny.

20 Community

I can't even with Community. This is what I want when I'm heavy on PMS and there's no chocolate in the house.

21 The Golden Girls

There is never a bad time for the Golden Girls. Not ever.

Are you given to giggling over certain sitcoms? Let us know which ones you can watch over and over again!

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