7 Adam Sandler Movies You Must Watch ASAP

By Vladlena

I’ve always been a fan of Adam Sandler movies and of him as an actor in general, partly because he reminds me of my father. However, aside from personal biases, I strongly believe that he is a great actor with very versatile skills. Some of his roles are heavier than others but the storylines are very compelling and entertaining. You can catch a glimpse of his limitless talent by checking out the following Adam Sandler movies. I promise you won’t regret it!

1 Grown Ups

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If you are in a need of a little pick me up, I would personally recommend Grown Ups out of all the Adam Sandler movies. There is a plethora of talented actors who are part of this cast and there is actually a sequel to this successful film. The storyline revolves around five former basketball teammates, who gather at a lake house thirty years after graduating from high school. After spending the Fourth of July weekend together, they remind themselves of their youth and try to leave behind their adulthood life.

2 Just Go with It

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Another comedy that I truly love re-watching is Just Go With It. The plot of the movie is about a plastic surgeon who tries to win the heart of a young schoolteacher by forcing his loyal assistant to pretend to be his ex-wife, in order to cover up his lie. Things get a little out of control and they end up taking a trip to Hawaii together. What I love the most about this film is that it has comedy and romance packed in one. What girl doesn’t love a little bit of both?

3 50 First Dates

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This movie truly is a gem and is considered to be one of the best chick flicks! It is about a man named Henry who is used to having one-night stands until he meets Lucy and falls in love with her. However, things become more complicated as he has to win her heart every single day over and over again because she lost her short-term memory due to an accident. Despite the fact that it’s one of Sandler’s older works, you can’t miss out on it!

4 Click

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Don’t you wish you could just put your life on pause or rewind back to do things over again? Well this movie brings your dream to life. It is about a workaholic architect, who doesn’t have a firm hold on his work or family life. He then gets hold of a powerful universal remote, which allows him to gain control over what he does. It is a really entertaining movie that might even get you emotional!

5 Happy Gilmore

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Happy Gilmore is one of Adam Sandler’s earliest works that is about hockey playing Happy, who tries to win back his grandmother’s home by playing in a golf tournament. Things get a little out of hand as his raw character gets the best of him. Many people believe that some of the best works of Adam Sandler are his earliest films; while I don’t completely agree with this whole statement, I believe this film is definitely one of the best.

6 The Wedding Singer

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Before 50 First Dates, Adam Sandler had the pleasure of working with Drew Barrymore back in 1998! Together they have proven that Adam Sandler is a talented actor and Drew Barrymore is something to look after. The film was mainly about a famous wedding singer, Robbie Hart, who got stood up on his own wedding but later was able to find interest in Julia Sullivan, who was a waitress at one of his gigs. However, he later finds out that she is engaged, and has to decide on his own plan of action.

7 Reign over Me

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Adam Sandler showed more of a serious and dramatic side as an actor when he became a part of Reign Over Me. This film is a lot more heartfelt and emotional than any of his other works. The plot of the movie revolves around Charlie Fineman, who lost everything he had after the 9/11 attack. The former successful and social man became quiet and withdrawn, until he had a run-in with his college roommate, Alan Johnson. Their friendship blossoms once again and changes both men in a way they wouldn’t imagine. If you are ready to shed a couple of tears and become moved by the plot, check out this movie!

Over the span of his whole career, Adam Sandler has completed many projects that he can be proud of. His films are entertaining, moving and completely satisfying! Which Adam Sandler movie is your favorite?

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