7 Awkward Situations We All Lived through ...

By Vladlena

We’ve all had our own share of awkward situations at some point in our lives and for some reason we never know how to deal with them. Mostly because there isn’t a way to deal with them, you just have to soak up the embarrassment and the awkwardness, laugh it out and move on with your day. So if you still can’t get over one of your awkward situations, hopefully this list of the most common ones will help you relate!

1 Waving at Someone You Think You Know

This is one of the most common awkward situations that I am pretty sure the entire human population goes through. You think you got the human communication down but when something like this happens, you just want to hide you face and run. Here you are walking down the street and see someone wave straight at you, so you wave back because it might be someone you know. However you slowly realize by the awkward look on their face that it wasn’t meant for you but for the person behind you. Or what about those moments when you run behind a person, tap his or her shoulder and say hello, only to realize that you have never seen them before in your life! Yeah, awkward!

2 Grabbing a Pole on Public Transportation

There are also those moments when you get on a packed public bus or a train, squeeze yourself past the crowd to the nearest pole only to accidentally grab someone’s hand! And the reaction from the person you just grabbed varies, they either smile or they give you that look that says ‘Stay away from me.’ And it gets even more awkward if it is the latter, because now you have to spend the whole ride with them right next to you as you rewind what just happened in your head.

3 Saying Goodbye but Going the Same Way

How many times have you said your official goodbyes to your friends or acquaintances, but ended up going the exact same way? Although you just end up laughing if that happens with one of your closest friends, it can get a little awkward if it is between you and a person that you might have just met or aren’t close with. Either way this situation is not that bad because the awkwardness is equally shared!

4 Running into Someone

I think everyone can relate to those moments when you accidentally run into someone, then both of you decide to move in the same direction and that repeats for what seems like minutes. It might get a little awkward but from my point of view it ends up being hilarious. Both people end up walking away with a smile on their face and it ends up being a positive experience!

5 High Fives

What is more awkward then being left hanging after offering a high five? Here you are hanging your hand in the air but the other person doesn’t notice it, so you awkwardly move your hand through your hair as if that is what you intended to do from the beginning. However sometimes you don’t end up so lucky, and someone notices your rejection and points it out!

6 Singing Wrong Lyrics

Jamming out with your friends or family to your favorite tunes is all fun and games until someone sings the wrong lyrics! It’s a little embarrassing and awkward but once everyone has made fun of you, it blows over. However now it’s impossible to not be self conscious about your singing!

7 Stumbling

Sometimes even walking can end up being a difficult task, so you end up stumbling or falling. It does feel better when you have friends and family around you to help you out, but when you end up awkwardly stumbling in front of strangers it gets a little embarrassing. So we end up straightening ourselves up really fast and pretending like nothing happened to avoid drawing any attention to ourselves!

Going on with your day or communicating with people doesn’t always end up the way you want it to. There are some social moments that make you cringe at yourself inside your head and hide. What were some of your most memorable awkward moments? Don’t be afraid to share them!

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