20 Best Ever Chick Flicks Every Girl Should See at Least Once ...

By Deeceebee

Whether you are the snobbiest film critic in the world or just someone who is looking to have a good time at the cinema, there is no denying that the chick flick is a genre that everyone can enjoy! They are harmless fun that are capable of evoking laughter and sometimes tears in their audience, and that is something that not all movies can achieve! Here are twenty of the best ever chick flicks that every girl should see at least once!

1 Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

This one was super underrated when it came out, but it’s a great warm comedy that is about a pair of jeans that travel the world and somehow manage to perfectly fit three friends with totally different body types. Trust me, it sounds weird but it will make you cry!

2 Fifty Shades of Grey

This one is worth ticking off the bucket list, even if just for curiosity’s sake! If nothing else, watching Fifty Shades will be able to make you part of the wider conversation!

3 The Notebook

If you haven’t already seen this, what the hell have you been doing! It’s the timeless romance that sealed Ryan Gosling in our hearts forever.

4 Clueless

An iconic 90s teen classic, every single line of this high school romp is quotable. Did you know it’s actually based on Jane Austen’s Emma?

5 Terms of Endearment

If you want to spend a Sunday evening crying into a tub of ice cream on the couch, then Terms Of Endearment is definitely the movie to get you in the zone!

6 My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts at her chick flick best here in a movie all about the situation of falling for your best friend and having to watch them plan a wedding with someone else!

7 Steel Magnolias

Dolly Parton, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine ... Need I say anymore? This friends and family comedy drama will have you laughing and bawling in equal measure!

8 Legends of the Fall

This one is essentially a film made entirely to showcase the beauty of Brad Pitt’s free flowing blond hair, and I can’t say that I’m mad about it at all!

9 Sleepless in Seattle

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are a classic chick flick pairing, and this rom com about long distance love is definitely one of their best.

10 Love Actually

Although it's heavily leaning towards Christmas, there's so much feel-good going on in this movie, it's thoroughly watchable any time of year.

11 You’ve Got Mail

Meg and Tom are at it again! Watch You’ve Got Mail for all your retro technology and quirky romance needs.

12 Notting Hill

One of the most iconic movies of both Julia Roberts’ and Hugh Grant’s careers, and another rom com with a thousand quotable lines and memorable scenes!

13 Thelma and Louise

This is one to sit down and watch with your best ride or die BFF. It’s girl power to the max and there won’t be a dry eye in the house come the end!

14 French Kiss

Oh hey, look, it’s another Meg Ryan movie! This time around, though, Kevin Kline has the pleasure of being her co star in this Parisian adventure.

15 Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore is another staple of the chick flick genre, and I just so happen to believe that Never Been Kissed is one of her cutest and best movies.

16 Legally Blonde

Come on, who wouldn’t want to be Elle Woods for a week! Legally Blonde is the definition of fluffy fun, and it still hasn’t aged!

17 Bridget Jones’s Diary

The older you get, the more real this movie starts to feel, but that doesn’t stop it from being a stone cold banger!

18 The English Patient

If you are looking for a sweeping period romance with enough emotion and drama to sink a ship, then look no further!

19 Out of Africa

You shouldn’t need any more reason to watch this one other than the fact that it is arguably one of Meryl Streep’s greatest performances!

20 Pretty Woman

I had to end with this one! Pretty Woman is the kind of movie that defined a generation, and secured a place in all of our hearts for Julia Roberts forever!

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