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By Jelena

The year 2011 was definitely a great one for the movie industry so if you’re a fan of Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Adam Sandler and all those hilarious characters these guys play so well, get ready to laugh all year round. There are plenty of fun, new comedies to rent, watch on the big screen and look forward to throughout the year. That’s why I’ve decided to come up with the list of 7 fun, new comedies that are, in my opinion, worth watching…

1 Your Highness

Princes are brave, handsome, honest, their horses are white and armors shiny…. Or are they? Well some princes are…umm… a bit different than others, I guess, and this particular one sees no joy in fighting duels or completing quests. His laid back lifestyle that consists of getting high will, unfortunately, have to change because his brother needs help in saving his loved one. Prepare for something weird, unusual and so not what you’re used to. Prepare for… Your Highness!

2 Big Mommas: like Father, like Son

Martin Lawrence disguised as Big Momma finally returns and in order to put the bad guy behind bars this time, he/she will need her grandson’s or, should I say “granddaugter’s,” help. Now all that would sound quite reasonable if the granddaughter in question wasn’t a grown man disguised as a 17 year-old girl. The official air date was February 18th which pretty much makes this movie the “oldest” of all fun new comedies listed here so if you’re looking for something to rent and watch at home, definitely have it in mind.

3 The Zookeeper

This hilarious movie started airing on July 1st which means that, unlike the fun, new comedies I’ve listed above, you can still see this one on the big screen. Sylvester Stallone, Adam Sandler, Jon Favreau, Cher and Judd Apatow will give their voices to a whole bunch of zoo animals. If you thought animals can’t talk, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they can – they just have a code of silence they are not willing to break unless their fav zookeeper needs a few dating tips.

4 Hop

Animated movies are one of my favorites and for that reason I simply must mention one very interesting combo of real people and fictional characters called “Hop.” It all starts when a guy named Fred hurts the Easter Bunny and is forced to take him into his home and look after him. Now, isn’t that sweet? Apparently not, as the world’s most popular bunny isn’t exactly the best house guest.

5 The Skank Robbers

The year 2011 must be a special one indeed as we’ll get to see Martin Lawrence dressed like a woman not once but twice! Hilarious Jamie Foxx will join him on the big screen this August so, if the title made you to think things are going to get ugly… just wait to see these two in drag! The movie is supposed to hit the cinemas starting from August 19th and all I can say is: “Woo-Hooo! Sign me up!”

6 Jack and Jill

Cross-dressing is, apparently, the new black so in case you miss out on Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx, you can always count on Adam Sandler to dazzle you as both Jack and his sister Jill. I do have to admit he looks kind of cute with boobs and Pippi Longstocking braids. LOL! We’ll, unfortunately, have to wait until mid November to see this supposedly hilarious comedy but, hey, it’s Adams Sandler so I’m sure it’s going to be worth the wait!

7 Horrible Bosses

The last one on my list of fun new comedies to look forward to will be released on July 29th and is supposed to help us welcome scorching August with a huge smile on our faces. The story is centered around three guys plotting to whack their horrible bosses as soon as they realize no “happily ever after” would ever be possible while they are still breathing. One very unusual comedy, indeed! In fact, I bet there will be many hands raised against the message it sends and that can mean only one thing – it’s going to be hilarious!

Have you seen some of these fun, new comedies and were they as funny as you’ve hoped? Let me know about them! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Skank Robbers and Jack and Jill!

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