Top 8 Crazy Christmas Comedies to See ...

By Lyndsie

Christmas Comedies are great this time of year – obviously! There are a ton of Christmas comedies out there, but the key is finding the good ones among the cheesy, hokey stinkers – and, unfortunately, there are a lot of those as well. No worries, though. If you're looking for Christmas movies that will make you laugh but still have a good story, I have definitely got you covered. Just check out this list of the top crazy Christmas comedies and start planning your next movie night!

1 A Christmas Story

This is one of the funniest Christmas comedies ever. When they show it on 24 hour rotation during Christmas Eve, I generally watch it at least 8 times. I never get tired of it. Ralphie is the greatest character ever. None of my relatives ever made me a bunny suit, but besides that, almost everyone can relate to this movie. You maybe didn't want a Red Ryder BB gun, but I bet there was something you craved that you tried with all your might to get.

2 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

No list of Christmas themed comedies would be complete without this. I love all of the National Lampoons movies – at least, the ones which star Chevy Chase. This one is just great. The Griswold's remind me so much of my own family, and I'm sorry, I just love watching Christmas catastrophes. Well, as long as they happen to other people, you know?

3 Elf

I'm actually not Will Ferrell's biggest fan, but every so often he does a movie that I love. Step Brothers has become my favorite buddy-comedy, but this? This is one of my favorite Christmas comedies. Who doesn't love Buddy the Elf? It's quotable out the box, it's hilarious, it's awkward – it's just awesome!

4 Scrooged

A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite novels by Charles Dicken, and this is my favorite interpretation of the story, primarily because the presence of Bill Murray keeps it from being too sentimental. I love that guy, and this is one of his finest moments. What could have been a campy, cheesy comedy is still edgy, snarky, and awesome.

5 The Santa Clause

Okay, look. I like Tim Allen. This is not one of the best Christmas comedies because of its story, exactly – although the plot ain't bad. It's about the comedy. This was when Tim Allen was still funny. I liked the second one as well. The third? Not so much. I'm sorry, but you need Bernard the Arch-Elf to be funny, not an irrelevant Martin Short. And what's worse? I hear they're thinking about number four!

6 Bad Santa

What? I know. But this is an awesome movie. Billy Bob Thorton is just … he's just great. This is what life would be like if Santa was a lying, cheating, smoking, drinking pig. And personally, I always secretly hoped the mall Santa would just bust out with the cursing, you know? No? Just me?

7 Love Actually

I will watch anything – anything – with Colin Firth in it, but that's not the only reason this is one of my favorite Christmas comedies. I am also a huge, huge fan of British comedies, and this one – it just has everybody. At the time I thought it was going to suck, but the Brits know how to put together an all-star cast where everyone is still able to shine, and an interesting, entertaining story can still unfold (cough Valentine's Day cough New Year's Eve cough).

8 Home Alone

Ah, the quintessential Christmas movie! It ushered Macaulay Culkin into the hearts of millions, until we decided he was so cute he was annoying. I, however, have an enormous crush on Mac (have you seen him lately?), so this remains one of my favorite Christmas movies ever, even though it gets campier each time I watch it. I don't mind the sequel either, but they really should have stopped after that.

I've watched most of these Christmas comedies dozens of times and I never get tired of them. Sometimes they're moving and they're often irreverent, but all these Christmas comedies have one thing in common: they can make you laugh, so when you watch them with your family, you're really experiencing the heart of the season. What are your favorite Christmas comedies, the ones you can watch over and over?

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