8 Bizzare Fashion Items Perfect for a Quirky Fashionista ...

By Jelena

Bizarre fashion probably isn’t something you’ve ever considered wearing or gifting to anyone although you must agree its practical joke potential is huge! So huge, it makes weird fashion items a perfectly acceptable, totally unique and oh-so quirky gift idea worth considering in case you have a friend with an unlimited sense of humor! And if that seems to be the case, you’ll definitely want to know more about the whacky items the world has to offer:

1 Louis Vuitton Condoms

Louis Vuitton CondomsIn case shelling out roughly 60 bucks for a tiny piece of rubber wrapped in a monogrammed package sounds like the price you’d consider paying for the sake of a good joke, this quirky gift idea is the perfect one for you and will definitely crack your zany fashionista up big time! The “rubber” alone is not completely useless either and even has tiny raised LVs embossed all over for added pleasure. LOL! Tell me you didn’t see that one coming!

2 Bedazzled Pepsi Purse

Bedazzled Pepsi PurseProduct placement is the new black! Don’t trust me, ask Paula Abdul who was brave (and probably the only one) to strut this unusual accessory! Talk about bizarre fashion - I bet Lady Gaga was freaking pissed she didn’t think of it first. Celebrities aside, this isn’t such a bad idea at all, especially if your beloved fashionista also happens to be the biggest fan of Pepsi, Coke or Sprite. The bag, of course, isn’t something you can buy in stores but hey, rhinestones are and so are chains and super glue so you’ll have no problem DIYing it in time for her birthday.

3 Edible Fruity Purses

Edible Fruity PursesDesigned in Italy for the sake of promoting VitaSnella fruit crackers, these bags definitely fall under the category of weird fashion items you might feel creative and crazy enough to attempt making at home as a gift for your favorite girl. Not sure how you’ll ever manage to do that but hey, let me know how it turned out!

4 Boob Scarf

Boob ScarfSpeaking about bizarre fashion most folks wouldn’t have the guts to wear – how about a boob scarf to keep her warm this fall/winter season? I can totally see a lot of guys giving this idea their thumbs up yet I seriously doubt any of them would be willing to wear the scarf himself. Four boobs are better than two, right?

5 Sundae Dress

Sundae DressOh, but my list of totally weird fashion items doesn’t end here! And believe it or not, there’s a whole world of utterly bizarre fashion out there just waiting for someone to take a leap into it. Let’s take Joy Kampia’s Sundae dress, for example – now wouldn’t this be the yummiest gift ever? No? Well, how about a Hamburger dress then? A urinal dress? Oh come on – don’t tell me you’re not digging any of those?

6 Eye Shadow Stickers

Eye Shadow StickersTotally whacked yet incredibly useful, eye shadow stickers will make blending, mixing and matching eye shadows and wiping away loose bits history! Remember the way Mila Jovovich applied her makeup in Fifth Element? Well, we’re actually pretty close to being able to do that as well. Stick it, press it in, remove the foil and enjoy the most perfect set of smoky eyes you’ve ever had – wowza!

7 LED Eyelashes

LED EyelashesSpeaking about quirky gift ideas you might find useful in case you have a tech savvy, fun loving girlfriend – how about a pair of led eyelashes? I bet they are a very useful piece of dating equipment as well – any guy she looks at will act like a deer caught in the headlights…literally!

8 Rice Bra

Rice BraAnd here I though Triumph is one of those boring lingerie brands! But what do you know – they also happen to be the ones behind a very unusual Eco-friendly concept that could help women grow their very own rice…in their bras! Two identical halves of a small pot double as bra cups for days when you don’t feel like gardening, but put them together and you’ll get to enjoy growing your own crops. LOL! Weird fashion has just become a whole lot weirder!

What do you think about these pieces of unquestionably bizarre fashion and are there any other quirky gift ideas you want to share? I doubt I’ll ever come close to ever considering these but hey… eye shadows stickers do sound totally cool and I wouldn’t mind trying them.

Top Image Source: valleydez.blogspot.in

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