7 of the Best Series Finales ...

By Lydia

Many of the best series finales are some of the saddest episodes on TV I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, some of them are so happy that I love watching them over and over. Nevertheless, series finales are some of the best episodes on TV. Let’s take a look at seven of the best series finales, according to me.

1 Seinfeld

A lot of people wouldn’t consider this one of the best series finales and I partially agree with them, but there are some things that I really enjoyed. Part of what I liked about it was that characters from previous seasons showed up and talked about their run-ins with the Seinfeld gang. The other thing is that having any really big ending would have been against the whole feel of the show. “Seinfeld” is famously the show about nothing, so of course the finale should also be about nothing.

2 Friends

The “Friends” ending was one of the happiest endings that I’ve ever seen. Every character got a happy ending, including Ross and Rachel who everybody was rooting for to end up together. Even though the episode was happy and wonderful, it was a little predictable, so I was kind of hesitant to put it on my list. Of course there was going to be a happy ending! It was a sitcom! I love “Friends” and every character on it. They all deserved the happy endings that they got, plus it made me cry and that’s why it made it to this list.

3 Will and Grace

This is one of the many series finales that was an emotional rollercoaster. We start out pretty much heartbroken, then get devastated, and then all of a sudden we’re lifted right back up and made to be happy. There aren’t too many laughs in the finale in comparison to the rest of the series, but it’s still a really great episode. I never really thought that “Will and Grace” would have an ending that surprised me, but it did! I love a good surprise.

4 Arrested Development

“Arrested Development” was a great show. It’s so rare that a sitcom has to be watched in order, but for this show it had to be watched in order to get the references to previous episodes. While soon this might not count as a series finale because of the reboot of the series, for now it remains one of the best. The series finale echoed the first episode in the sense that they mocked their network Fox. The finale also included the show’s producer Ron Howard. What could be better?

5 Charmed

I loved “Charmed” when it was first on and I don’t think that my love for the show ever faded. To my knowledge, it was my first TV obsession. I never remembered seeing the series finale so I watched the entire series again and when it got to the end I cried like a baby! There were happy moments and sad moments, but in the end everything was just so perfect. The end of the finale mimics the end of the pilot and it’s just beautifully done.

6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In pure Joss Whedon fashion, the series finale of “Buffy” was heartbreaking and yet somehow beautiful at the same time. In the very last moments, it is a happy ending, but throughout the episode you’re a strong person if you don’t cry. Of course with any Whedon show, we see many deaths of beloved characters and yet somehow so many people love this episode. I don’t know what it is about Whedon and his writing/directing skills, but while this episode is a bittersweet end you’re guaranteed to smile in the end.

7 Six Feet under

I have never cried for an episode of TV more than I cried for this series finale. It was not only a perfect wrap up for the series, it also was beautifully done. The music was perfect; everything was perfect. It was one of the saddest episodes on television I’ve ever seen, but I can’t stop raving about it. Whenever people ask whether or not they should watch “Six Feet Under,” the first thing I say is yes, it has the best series finale I’ve ever seen. If that doesn’t make you watch it I don’t know what will.

I’m sure I’ve cried for every single one of these finales, except “Arrested Development,” that is. Series finales are so bittersweet for obsessive TV watchers like me. On the one hand they can be done amazingly like in “Six Feet Under,” but on the other hand, if done horribly, it’s just so sad. Do you love any of these finales? Did you hate any of these? Did I miss any that you did love?

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