7 Fantastic Films Starring Ice Cube ...

By Lyndsie

There are tons of fantastic films starring Ice Cube, the talented rapper turned actor. He's an incredibly funny guy, but he's more than up for the challenge of taking a serious turn. I just love the man's face – he's so expressive, and I can't be the only fan who thinks he has the most perfect pair of eyebrows in the world, right? Whether you love his comedic movies or his more dramatic roles, I think you'll agree that the following films starring Ice Cube definitely deserve a watch.

1 Friday

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I'm going to do one of my favorite cheats, because Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next are all excellent films starring Ice Cube. I'm a sucker for the first, however, because I love Chris Tucker as Smokey, Ice Cube's chemistry with Nia Long, and his chemistry with John Witherspoon. Plus there's Deebo, who gets knocked the smuck out, fool! The entire franchise was excellent, because Cube also has a great rapport with Mike Epps – plus Friday After Next helped introduce Katt Williams to mainstream Hollywood, and I love that little man.

2 Barbershop

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There is nothing about this film that isn't awesome. The hometown feel and the camaraderie between cast mates are both the business. Between Ice Cube's likeable Calvin, Cedric the Entertainer's Eddie, and my enduring love of the gorgeous Michael Ealy, I could watch this all day long. Barbershop 2 had several high points as well, but for me nothing beats the original.

3 Boyz N the Hood

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This film actually introduced me to Ice Cube, who admittedly slipped easily into the role of Doughboy because he grew up in Doughboy's world. The movie is excellent, not just because it opens up a world most of the world wasn't used to but because it reveals both the violence and the tender aspects of that world. There was heartbreak and death, certainly, but also triumphs and love. Looking back on this film now is actually a treat, because I recognize many actors who are now incredibly famous.

4 Three Kings

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I'll be incredibly honest, I like this movie because of the trio it stars: Ice Cube, George Clooney, and Mark Wahlberg. It wasn't exactly acclaimed, but the tale of three soldiers on a gold heist is pretty entertaining – at least, it entertained me. But then, I'm a sucker for army movies, even when they take a comedic turn. Besides, Elgin's belief that he's protected by “Jesus fire” is just … it's something else.

5 Lottery Ticket

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You may not have seen this film, which was a bit of a sleeper. It's got some iffy choices in the cast, but also some solid stars – Ice Cube, for one, the incomparable Charlie Murphy (post-Chapelle's Show, no less), and the gorgeous Loretta Devine. See it for Cube, if nothing else. He plays a 60 year old gem of a man who seems like a curmudgeon but goes far deeper than that.

6 Higher Learning

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Four years after Boyz n the Hood, we get this somewhat gritty film. It stars Ice Cube alongside Omar Epps, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Rapaport, and even a very young Tyra Banks. It's a truer account of college life than you're likely to see elsewhere, especially insofar as it involves the mixing of cultures and lifestyles.

7 Are We There Yet?

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Well, I had to include a slapstick film, right? Ice Cube as Nick is just a delight. This reminds me of a live action version of Bebe's Kids, because these kids are just bad ass. You also get to see him paired with Nia Long again, which I adore. Those two are too cute, they should just star in movies together all the time. But at least we get to see them in the sequel, Are We Done Yet?

Ice Cube is a really incredible actor, able to make people laugh even when he's pulling a seriously angry face. Owing to his background and his experiences, his dramatic movies can also make you think, all while introducing you to a different way of life. What are some of your favorite films starring Ice Cube?

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