Mommy's Guide to Being a Superhero to Your Kids ...

By Howard

Wondering how to be a superhero mom? There can be no better feeling than knowing your baby thinks you’re a superhero. Most parents, secretly or otherwise, want their kids to be proud of them. You could either pray your baby is fascinated by you or you could instead do little things every day which will make your kid wonder why you are not on the superhero playing cards already.

To be a metahuman isn’t easy. Having Tony Stark’s money or Wolverine’s regenerative powers would make it a lot easier. Babies look innocent, but it is incredibly hard to impress them. Just like with any superhero movie, the world is always trying to defame the hero.

A single mistake of yours can strip you of your superhero medallion and bring you back to ground zero. To become a superhero and remain one is a high stakes game, but it will all be worth it in the end. So here's a quick lesson in how to be a superhero mom.

1 Care for Your Baby from Day 1

Obvious, right? If it is so obvious, why do so many parents end up missing their children’s football games or an important event in school or otherwise? Caring isn’t limited to babyproofing your house or making your baby wear a helmet and pads when she starts riding her little bicycle.

Be there when your baby needs you and when she doesn’t, but make sure you are letting her have her space. Try staying a step ahead and offer to come with her. If your baby is shy, it could be uncomfortable for her to ask you to come with her every time. She might stop asking you for the fear of irritating you. Being there for your kids is one of the best answers for how to be a superhero mom.

2 Fulfil All Their Needs (Well, Most of Them)

Your baby’s needs aren’t limited to what you think they need. Buying a crib for your baby is more of a need for you than him. If your little monster has his eyes on something legit and if he is the right age to have it, there is not much point stopping him from having it. If your kid is 15 and he wants an iPod, you should buy it for him.

On the other hand, if your 15-year-old wants a car for his birthday, it should be a straight no. I hope you get the difference. Instead of starting from the negatives, think of all the good things your kid could do with what he’s asking for. Maybe the iPod helps him discover his passion for music.

3 Share Stories and Inspirations

As the marketing guru Seth Godin puts it, “Humans are storytelling machines.” Every parent wants their kid to do well in life. In place of forcing them to study a particular subject, you should share stories with them that make an impact on how they think. Make a subject interesting for your kid and she is more likely to get curious about it.

Your children will always be interested in knowing your story and how you became who you are. Share your stories and derive lessons from them for your kids. If you want your baby to be a certain way, start by acting that way yourself. Want your baby to start reading? Surround yourself with books and your kid might start reading as well.

4 Encourage Your Baby to Explore

Babies are naturally curious and have ample energy and time to conquer the world. Always encourage your baby to go out and explore. She might get hurt in the process, but she will About the Author- come back stronger and wiser. Don’t make decisions for your children. If they want to go somewhere or try something new, let them.

Exceptions are always there and you can always talk them out of the bad plans. Try to have conversations with your baby instead of being a dictator and making decisions for her. Magic happens outside your comfort zone, the sooner you and your baby learn this, the better. Encourage your kid to do scary and uncomfortable things. She might hate you for it now but will thank you later.

5 Be a Friend and a Parent

Your kid doesn’t want to know how things will turn out, she wants to try it for herself. Every time she does something or asks for your permission, imagine yourself in her shoes. Your baby needs advice, not conclusions. Being friends with your kids might encourage them to come and share things with you.

If you are too authoritative or judgemental, your kid might look for friends to share what they feel. These friends could be a bad company and might turn your kid into a rebel. Your kid might not go out looking for friends when she knows her best friends are waiting for her at home. Parents are their children’s biggest well-wisher. Being a friend and parent will solve many problems.

Following the things mentioned in the article will make you a better parent. You might or might not want to be a superhero, but being a better parent will save you a lot of trouble later. Who is your baby’s favorite superhero?

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