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By Neecey

When you think of favorite actors and their films, Robin Williams movies probably aren’t the first few that come to mind. I have, however, a weird taste in men, and I happen to think he is a very funny guy. Who doesn’t love to laugh, and Robin Williams movies certainly make me do that. He’s also made some serious movies, and I love those too, but he is best when he’s allowed to be zany. Here are 8 Terrific Robin Williams Movies:

1 The World According to Garp

To me this is movie heaven - one of my favorite actors in a movie based on a book written by one of my favorite authors. This is an epic that features love, sex, extra-marital sex, mutes, moral crusades, wrestling, crazy dogs, John Lithgow as a football playing transvestite, Glenn Close as Garp’s mum and Williams as Garp. It’s both funny and poignant, and unlike so many other adaptations, lives up to book. My absolute winner among the Robin Williams movies – I hope you love it too.

2 The Fisher King

I’m loathe to spoil the plot for anyone who hasn’t seen this one, so I’m not going to. Robin Williams plays a deranged homeless man and Jeff Bridges, an arrogant shock jock. I’ll leave you to watch the film to find out why their relationship is what it is, but it’s a powerful story, short on schmaltz, long on emotion.

3 Toys

A number of Robin Williams movies show characters that struggle with ‘normal’ life. These characters are alienated because they just see things differently to the rest of us. One of these such characters is Leslie Zevo, Williams’ role in Toys. Although, I have to say that Joan Cusack who plays Zevo sister is about as far removed from reality she may well as be on Planet Smurf. The simple but dreamy, childlike world of the toymaking Zevos is at risk of being overturned by wicked Uncle Leland (Michael Gambon) who wants to make a toy army.

4 Patch Adams

There are two Robin Williams movies based on true stories in which he plays a doctor. One is Awakenings in which he starred with Robert De Niro, the other is Patch Adams. Patch is a former depressive who sets out to become a doctor, and heal the world through medicine delivered with a huge dose of laughter. Both these movies are great stories of endeavour, breaking rules, trying new things and perseverance. But they aren’t all happiness, so be warned.

5 August Rush

You know how sometimes a movie comes along of which you have no real expectations but it ends up touching your heart? In this Robin Williams movie, his character is actually fairly unpleasant, but the plot is a heartwarming love story with a happy ending. “You’ve got to love music more than you love food, more than life, more than yourself” There a definite feelgood factor here.

6 Dead Poets Society

You either love this movie, or you don’t. You either get the message of this Robin Williams movie or you don’t. The privileges of rank are put under a severe microscope and tested by unconventionality and original thought. It teaches that you can have a dream, and shows the consequences of when those dreams of stifled.

7 Happy Feet

It wouldn’t be right to have a list of best Robin Williams movies without the inclusion of one of his voice performances. The man of many voices does sometimes get to showcase his vocal talent in live action movies (Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage), but it is in animation where he can really go to town – the Genie in Alladin, Batty in Ferngully for example. For me though, his best animated character is Ramon in Happy Feet.

8 Jakob the Liar

It’s pretty hard to make a good story about life in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII, but it happens in this Robin Williams movie. It’s the story of how a simple thing can give hope, and how that hope can carry us through. It’s a beautiful movie about a horrific time.

I’m sure you will look at this list of Robin Williams movies and ask where are Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber and Jumanji? I thought it might be nice to introduce you to not only some of my favorites but some of his lesser known roles too. I love all Robin Williams movies so really now, it comes down to a matter of taste as to whether your favorite was included or not.

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