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By Lisa

Have you been caught up in awkward social situations before and wasn’t quite sure how to handle it? There isn’t exactly a handbook on how to finesse your way out of sticky social situations and manic mishaps so I rounded up 10 great tips on how to deal with awkward social situations so that you’ll know exactly what to do the next time you’re out and about!

1 You Can’t Remember Someone’s Name

We’ve all been in those awkward social situations where we can’t quite recall an acquaintance’s name and it can lead to a long, awkward silence. The best thing to do is to confess your social faux-pas and try your best to associate their name with something that reminds you of them. We all have brain farts sometimes and most people shouldn’t take the mishap personally!

2 Someone Spills a Drink on You

Assuming it’s an uncomfortable social situation and not a catty co-worker trying to rain on your parade, be gracious and go clean up. Avoid screaming or cursing which will only make the situation even more embarrassing for both parties. Make the best of the situation and your date or friend will appreciate your grace under fire!

3 No One is Reaching for the Check

So your fun dinner out suddenly turns into a tricky social setting when the meal comes to an end yet no one is reaching for the check. If you didn’t indicate that you would be treating everyone, your friends should be aware that they’d be paying for their own grub. Take action and start divvying up the bill or just casually ask how everyone prefers the bill to be split.

4 Someone’s Boyfriend or Husband is Hitting on You

Talk about an awkward social situation! If you find yourself to be the victim of your friend’s sleazy man, keep your friend as the topic of conversation and if he doesn’t get the hints and persists, just shut them down! You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable or guilty, be very upfront that his creepy moves aren’t gonna fly with you!

5 The Office is Pitching in for a Group Gift and You Loathe the Recipient

This is a common awkward social situation and dilemma. When it comes to gifts, no one is obligated to pitch in and you shouldn’t be made to feel that way. Pass on contributing to the gift fund and if your co-workers persist, confide in some trusted office pals and talk to them about it. You’re probably not the only one who feels this way and you could bring up a different way for the office to start pooling funds for presents in the future.

6 You Accidentally Say I Love You Too Soon

If you ever find yourself in this embarrassing date situation, fess up and admit that you made a mistake. Whatever you do, don’t keep bringing it up and obsessing over it. You made a mistake, so what?! Own up to it, say you care about the person but you made a slip-up. Believe me, making it into a big deal will only make things worse so apologize and move on.

7 A Family Member Asks for Money

This is probably one of the most common awkward social situations you can get into. I know it’s never easy to say no to family but if you really can’t or shouldn’t-be honest and don’t make up excuses as to why you can’t front the cash. Instead, offer to be a reference or introduce them to someone who can help, depending on the situation. This way, you’re still helping, just not as their personal banker.

8 Your Date Likes You, but You’re Far from Interested

This difficult social situation happens every once in a while and while your good-girl instincts might tell you to be nice, the worst thing you can do is to give any indication that you are interested. Be straight with the guy and tell him that you’re not interested in anything further. You might think you’re being harsh but you’re avoiding any further awkward conversations or frustration on his part.

9 Co-worker Asks You to Donate Money

Everyone has a charity they love or a kid who is fundraising these days so these uncomfortable social scenarios are becoming quite common. If this co-worker has contributed to something of yours in the past, it would be appropriate to return the favor but if not, decline the Caramel De-Lites upfront. Don’t delay saying no or they might feel misled.

10 Your First Date Movie is Uncomfortable

I’ve been in this awkward social setup before and picked a movie about porn and snuff films with a guy I hardly knew. Luckily, he thought it was funny but there were some pretty uncomfortable moments during the flick. The smart thing to do would’ve been to ask him if he wanted to see something else and it would’ve been perfectly okay for him to bring it up also. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Have you ever encountered any of these awkward social scenarios before? Hopefully you haven’t but if you ever do, you have these 10 tips on how to deal with awkward social situations to get you through it with grace and with your dignity intact!

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