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By Aprille

I find that laughter definitely is the best medicine. My family has used humor as a way to deal with serious subjects at times. I think this may be why I’m so drawn to comedians and actors with a sense of humor. I’ve listed the top 7 funny actors on TV that I enjoy watching, as well as the show each one appears on. Hopefully some of these comedians are on your list as well!

7 Kevin Nealon – Weeds

Kevin Nealon – WeedsPhoto Credit: bsmith23232

I remember first seeing Kevin Nealon on Saturday Night Live. I’ve seen just about everything he’s been in. I just like the way he tends to play a laid back, Earthy sort of character much of the time. He has good comedic timing and pulls off even the simplest jokes with just enough humor to make them all that much more memorable.

6 Angus Jones – Two and a Half Men

Angus Jones – Two and a Half MenPhoto Credit: omTVserier

I’ve always thought this kid was hilarious, from the first moment I saw him on Two and a Half Men. He’s grown quite a bit since the series began, but he’s still just as funny. At least now that he’s older, he has more speaking parts, or at least it seems that way. I definitely think he keeps the show going and does an excellent job at playing off of the lines given by the actors playing his father and uncle in the show.

5 Ed O’Neill – Modern Family

Ed O’Neill – Modern FamilyPhoto Credit: natpephotos

I definitely enjoy this character of Ed O’Neill’s much more than the one he portrayed on Married With Children. Though he’s still a father figure in this TV series, I think he’s less rude in his comedic role on Modern Family. Ed plays characters that are often relaxed and not prone to getting overly excited. I’ve seen quite a few older television shows where he’s played detectives, officers, or other such figures and this character seems to give him much more to work with.

4 Jack McBrayer – 30 Rock

Jack McBrayer – 30 RockPhoto Credit: epsteinm

Currently on TV, Jack plays a character on 30 Rock, but I first saw him on the movie Talladega Nights. It seems that all the characters he plays are always quirky and even a bit quiet. I once saw an interview with him and he wasn’t far from the characters he portrays. He truly adds to the already exceptional cast on 30 Rock.

3 Steve Carell – the Office

Steve Carell – the OfficePhoto Credit: Y! Música

The first time I watched this sit-com, I thought it was horrible. I did end up seeing Steve Carell in a couple of different movies and really enjoyed his acting. I think he’s an extremely funny guy, which does start to show more in the latter years of the Office series on television. I find his ability to continue to keep a straight face during the deliverance of his lines adds to his timing and makes things even funnier. He’s also one of those actors that is very good at adlibbing and coming up with some ingenious stuff at a moment’s notice.

2 Neil Patrick Harris – How I Met Your Mother

Neil Patrick Harris – How I Met Your MotherPhoto Credit: Amanda Perez-Carroll

Even in Doogie Howser, Neil was rather funny. However, I think he’s increased his funny-factor by tenfold and is able to appeal to the older crowd much more. I have yet to see him in a movie that I thought was absolutely horrible. There is at least one or two that could have been better, but Neil was always great in them.

1 Tina Fey – 30 Rock

Tina Fey – 30 RockPhoto Credit: USA TODAY

I enjoyed watching Tina Fey so much when she was on Saturday Night Live, that I couldn’t help but immediately start watching 30 Rock. This television series revolves around something I know nothing about, but still find humorous. I think Tina adds tons to this comedy series. There needs to be a lot more women like her in television.

I like watching shows with some plucky comic relief thrown in. There’s something relaxing about a bit of wry humor in a stressful situation. Did you agree with my top 7 funny actors on TV? Who is your favorite of all times? I’d love to hear who your list includes!

Top Photo Credit: Loren Kahle

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