10 Ways to Get to Know Your Crush ...

By Kati

So there's this super cute guy that you have a crush on but he doesn’t seem to know you exist. How do you get him to notice you?... sounding primary school like? Luckily, when you get older, the solution to this becomes much easier... branch out and get to know him! Here are my top ten how-to's...

1 Be Yourself

Be YourselfPhoto Credit: Mieke VOS Photographics

Don’t go doing anything that isn’t like you. Wouldn’t you hate it if your future boyfriend told you how much he liked cats, until you got together and then admitted that he hated them? A big issue if you’ve got six of them...So make sure you are being yourself just so there aren't any nasty surprises. That's the best way to get a guy to like you.

2 Get Some Info

Get Some InfoPhoto Credit: Dustin Diaz

Even if you haven’t talked to him yet, see what you can learn about him from his activities. Does he like to read a certain newspaper or magazine, or drink a certain coffee? Does he ride to the station? What kind of clothes does he normally wear? Store this information... it’ll be priceless later.

3 Use His Schedule

Use His SchedulePhoto Credit: B℮n

If you catch himjoggingat the same time everyday, why not join him and use that to strike up a conversation. Obviously, don’t go if youhate running. Pick something else from his schedule and use that. Having things in common is a good talking point!

4 Establish Communication

Establish CommunicationPhoto Credit: lilacmoon

Start a conversation with him! If you don’t manage to use his schedule, strike up a conversation on the train or wherever else you see him. Just say Hi. Opening the lines of communication takes confidence, but you won’t get his attention for long if you don’t!

5 Make Contact

Make ContactPhoto Credit: Reem So Soft

After you’ve spoken to him, keep the communication up by making eye contact and smiling at him. Remember that less is more, and subtle, unplanned glances will work better then a military make eye contact routine! It is aflirting rule that cannot fail, I promise you!

6 Ask for His Number

Ask for His NumberPhoto Credit: saizod

Okay, so he knows you exist, but he hasn’t really noticed you yet. It’s time to change that!Ask him for his phone number or hint until he asks for yours. Being bold and confident is always very sexy, though if after a thousand hints, he still doesn't give you his number or ask for yours, get the point and back off graciously.

7 Become Friends

Become FriendsPhoto Credit: Anders Adermark

Now it’s time to take it to the next level: becoming friends! Send a text when his football team loses, or a flirty text if you are brave enough! Save his seat on the train, buy him a coffee, let him read your sports pages. Just take it easy, and become friends!

8 Do Something Together

Do Something TogetherPhoto Credit: a matter of taste

Now that you are friends, it’s much easier to ask him out on a date. Suggest going for a run together, or watching a game or a movie. It should be easy enough to get him to agree and then you’ll be creating the perfect environment to really get to know him.

9 Tease Him!

Tease Him!Photo Credit: fraley_tera

Make sure that you look good, wherever you are going. Not over the top, but now isn’t the time for him to see that you dye your hair and are having an acne break out. Wear something flirty but subtle and act cool. Make jokes, talk and tease him a little. He’ll be hooked!

10 Have Fun!

Have Fun!Photo Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

Now that he knows who you are, give him a chance to make the next move. Flirt and arrange meetings but give him a chance to get to know you. You never know,he might just be crushing back on you. If that doesn't seem to be the case, don’t be down-hearted, as he probably didn’t notice the signs. Men are blind to what we consider very blatant flirting! Take the bull by the horns and suggest a night cap at home!

Getting to know your crush and getting him to agree to go on a date really isn’t as hard as I thought! These tips have been tested by my single friends and most of them have full diaries now... just remember that alittle confidence goes a long way! Have you got a tip for getting to know your crush better? Please share!

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