7 Movie Trailers That Excite Me ...

By Lyndsie

I love movies – but only if I'm really excited, so excited that I'll actually go to the theatre and see them. Otherwise, I'm happy enough to wait for them to show up on Pay per View or Netflix, you know? Sometimes, however, I catch a glimpse of movie trailers that excite me so much, I start counting down the days until that movie opens. Sometimes I even get excited about the trailers after the movie is already showing, and that's particularly special!

1 Red Riding Hood

Like, I know this flick is out already. I don't even care. The cinematography looks so artistic and dark and decadent and awesome, and Amanda Seyfried is so unbelievably gorgeous, I find myself watching the trailers over and over again. I'm almost scared to see the movie; I'm afraid it won't live up to my expectations. Then again, these are some of those movie trailers that excite me so much, I don't think anything could disappoint me.

2 X-Men: First Class

I'm so sorry to be TMI … but I am so excited about this that I could pee my pants. I am a huge fan of the X-Men franchise, I was terribly afraid that they wouldn't make anymore. I had some regrets about the Wolverine flick, mainly because there was no Archangel (oh man, Ben Foster rocks my socks like whoa), no Patrick Stewart, and worst of all, no Ian McKellan. No Magneto! What? They won't be in this movie either, but that's all right; with James McAvoy as Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Mafneto, Nick Hoult (!!!!) as Beast, and January Jones as Emma Frost, I'm still happy.

3 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Harry Potter always brings about movie trailers that excite me, and I am so impatient for part two of The Deathly Hallows. No spoilers, I promise – but how excited are you Potter fans? Although part of me will mourn the end of the series hardcore. I mourned the end of the books too, but the movies are so visually compelling, I can't even stand it.

4 The Smurfs

This is a strange one for me, because I am still SO ANGRY about the personalization of my beloved Chipmunks. However, perhaps because I didn't worship the Smurfs quite as much, and perhaps because they look so cute in the trailer, I think this will be adorable. Plus, the voice work promises to amazing. I mean, you've got Neil Patrick Harris (!!!!) starring, plus Glee's Jayma Mays, not to mention voice overs by Hank Azaria, Jonathan Winters, Alan Cumming (!!!! Long live Nightcrawler!), Paul Reubens, and tons more.

5 Water for Elephants

This movie is based on a fantastic book of the same name, written by Sara Gruen. The plot is why I'm so excited, not in the least because it follows the design of a great pattern, where the story is told by a character once he gets old. Plus, I'll admit it (please don't hit or hate me) – I'm a general fan of Robert Pattinson when he's not in a Twilight flick, and I would watch Reese Witherspoon in anything. Anything. This one looks like it's going to be a tearjerker, even if it doesn't live up to the novel.

6 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I will also admit that, against all odds, I love the Transformers movies. I was a big fan of the cartoon as a kid, and had many of the toys. Bumblebee, for the record, is my favorite. I'm kind of especially excited that Megan Fox won't be stealing all the glory from this one, and it will be based less on fighting – although Michael Bay does know how to do the mechanic violence well, doesn't he?

7 Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides

All of the PotC films have had movie trailers that excite me, and this one is no exception. I am especially excited about Penelope Cruz's role in this film. She's awesome. And, of course, Johnny Depp could basically star in a paper bag, and I'd watch him, I don't even care.

There are lots of new movies on the horizon, but these are the movie trailers that excite me the most. They actually have me excited about going to the cinema! What new movies are you dying to see?

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